Simple Dresser update with Wallpaper

INSIDE : Learn how a simple dresser update with wallpaper can completely transform. From plain and ordinary to fun and whimsical. There are only just a few steps to get this DIY look!

Simple Dresser update with Wallpaper

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If you have been following along, you know I just spent the last six weeks updating my daughter’s bedroom from a mish mash of randomness to an adorable Modern Tween Bedroom.

One of the small projects that has had a ton of traction on Instagram was the dresser update I made to her room. I originally had wanted to get a new dresser, but decided due to budget constraints to work with what she already had. Here below is where we started with on her dresser.

Before dresser

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Can I put wallpaper on furniture?

The short answer is yes, you can definitely put wallpaper on furniture! I have found it easiest to use removable wallpaper when applying it to furniture only because it with removable wallpaper it is easy to readjust and move as needed to get a nice secure fit.

If you are using traditional wallpaper with glue or paste, repositioning and getting it to adhere might be a little more difficult.

Can you stick wallpaper to drawers?

Yes, wallpaper can be used on anything with a nice flat surface. I used wallpaper on my kitchen backsplash even and it has held up wonderfully. How to Install a Removable Wallpaper Backsplash.

What supplies do I need to transform a dresser with wallpaper?

Wallpaper Dresser supplies

Measuring Wallpaper

The first step to creating this new look on your dresser is to decide where you want to highlight. My dresser had three simple flat drawers, so it was the perfect area to add my removable wallpaper.

I thought about adding wallpaper to the sides as well, but I think that would have really made the piece feel busy.

So, I measured the height and width of each dresser drawer front.

measuring wallpaper

Cutting Wallpaper Strips

Marking your measurement marks the wallpaper with a pencil, now it’s time to cut them into strips. And if I have learned anything at all, measuring twice and cutting once is always a good idea.

Wallpaper Strips

How to install wallpaper on a dresser

Before I started adding wallpaper to my dresser, I was sure to give the entire thing a good cleaning. I sprayed down the drawer fronts with a vinegar spray and gently wiped away any dust and grime with a microfiber cloth. It’s important to give yourself a nice clean surface for the wallpaper to adhere to.

White Simple Dresser

I lined up the top left corner and then using the smoothing tool that comes with the wallpaper, slowly smoothed out any air bubbles as I went.

Dresser update with Grid Wallpaper

Do not worry if there is any excess on your edges. Once the wallpaper has been smoothed out, you can go back using a sharp utility knife and trim away extra pieces.

Grid Wallpaper on dresser

I also was aware of the pattern of the wallpaper when I was cutting my pieces so that everything matched up perfectly once installed on the dresser.

If you are using a more organic pattern, matching lines up will not be as much of an issue.

Updated Dresser

Dresser updated with Wallpaper

The completed look is so fun! It feels like we have a whole new dresser now, but without the new dresser cost!

I thought about adding wood trim to the edges of the drawers, similarly to my Modernized Bifold Closet Doors – but in the end, I decided it was a less is more thing. I am really happy with how this simple update turned out.

Rust Grid Wallpaper on Dresser

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