Best Checked Wallpapers

INSIDE : Check out this trendy collection of the Best Checked Wallpapers. They can create a classic look, but with a colorful modern twist to any space! From classic to casual checkered patterns can create many different styles in a room.

Best Checker Wallpapers

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The checker pattern is one that has it’s design roots from long ago, but it has been making a very big comeback in trend lately. You can find checker patterns on just about anything from clothing and hats, to rugs and mugs!

And last week I just painted the COOLEST checkered pattern accent wall on my son’s bedroom!

Let’s learn a little more about it’s history before we check out some of the best wallpapers with check patterns below.

What is the history of checker pattern?

The checker pattern, also known as checkered, checkerboard or checked, has a long and varied history that stretches back millennia.

  • The checkerboard pattern has been used in various ways throughout history, appearing in:
    • Architecture, from grand palaces to Victorian ballrooms
    • Fashion, with iconic uses by brands like Burberry and Vivienne Westwood
  • The pattern has also taken on symbolic meaning. For example, in the 1970s, the checkered pattern became associated with the anti-segregation movement through second-wave Ska music.
Bright colored check wallpaper
Sage \ Multi \ Lime \ Raspberry

The checkered pattern is a very versatile design with a history that continues to be relevant today.

What is the difference between a plaid and check pattern?

Plaid and check patterns are both made of intersecting horizontal and vertical stripes, but there are some key differences.

Plaid vs. Check patterns

Color and Complexity

Plaids are more complex with multiple colors, typically more than two and a wider variety in the stripe layout. Their stripes can be different widths and don’t create perfect squares.

Check patterns are simpler in design with typically only two colors and uniform squares that are the same width.

Look and Feel

Plaid patterns often give a more refined, yet rustic feel. A plaid pattern can be found on curtains, shirts or even throw blankets or pillows.

Depending on the color choice a check pattern can look either classic and elegant (think a classic black and white checked tile floor) or a more trendy modern feel (think a lavender check pattern on a teen’s shirt).

Checkered wall designs

Creating a checkered wall pattern is fun and whimsical and a design that will last for a while. I just created a beautiful checkerboard pattern wall in my son’s tween bedroom.

This pattern transitioned from checkered to stripe and added the perfect amount of color and interest to his space.

Painted Checker Pattern Accent Wall
checkerboard pattern wall

If you are looking for checkered wallpaper as an easier option to add to your walls, there are numerous great patterns and color combinations available to use.

Checked wallpaper brings a world of geometric balance into your home’s design.

Best Checkerboard Wallpapers

There are so many fun check print wallpaper colors available now. Here are a few of my very favorite color options.

Green Check Wallpaper

One of my favorite colors for wallpaper with this pattern is a green check wallpaper. A green checkered wallpaper give the spaces an earthy feeling. A soothing green and cream or tan color can also create calmness and harmony, instead of possibly a brighter bold color combination.

Green Checkered Wallpapers

Brown Check Wallpaper

grounded feeling. I also think those colors create calmness, instead of possibly a brighter bold color combination.

Brown Checkered Wallpapers

Black Checkered Wallpaper

Using black check wallpaper gives an immediate sense of class. Black is already a very classic neutral color and when using it in your home……

Black and White checkered wallpapers

One of my favorite colors for wallpaper with this pattern is a green check wallpaper. The green and brown colors give the spaces an earthy feeling. A soothing green can also create calmness and harmony, instead of possibly a brighter bold color combination.

See below for the best wallpaper patterns with checkerboard designs.

Checkerboard Wallpapers

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