DIY Organic Paint Line Accent Wall

INSIDE : Learn how to create an Organic Paint Line Accent Wall for a completely unique and artistic look!  See the simple steps I followed to paint this imperfectly perfect paint line in my Master Bedroom.


Create Organic Paint Line Accent Wall

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Week TWO New Year New Room refresh Challenge update!

I have been participating in this year’s refresh challenge hosted by Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living.  We have some amazing sponsors for this challenge (see the bottom of the post) and over the course of 5 weeks we will all be “refreshing” a room in our home.  

Each Tuesday, 17 of us bloggers will be sharing progress update posts.  The final reveal is on February 4th, so keep checking back!


Last week on Master Bedroom Refresh painting + colors, I shared that I had selected Home Depot’s Behr Thermal paint color for my accent wall project.  I worked really hard this past week and had a few ups and downs as I tried to bring my accent wall vision to life.

Thermal Paint Color


I’ve not seen many wall treatments like this before and although, I’m sure I’m not inventing the wheel with this organic paint line idea – it’s not super common that I could just look up how somehow else easily did it.

So, I started by roughly deciding where I wanted the Thermal paint color to meet up with my Bit of Sugar white paint.  I then painted the white a little bit lower than where I was wanting it to end.

Organic Paint Line step 1, cream walls
Next, I grabbed my Home Depot Behr Thermal paint color and painted out the trim on my main wall.  Check out my deep dive post all about Behr Thermal Green S440-7 Interior Paint.

Home Depot Behr Paint Line step 2
I started painting the wall with my Thermal color and got nervous, so I left this 24″ gap for a few days while I really figured out what kind of line I wanted.

White, Cream, Teal Paint Line step 3
Eventually I filled in that 24″ gap with more Thermal and tried creating a VERY organic line, as you can see below.  I stopped and started the line with each stroke at a different height and then also added some diagonal lines in there.



Organic Paint Line step 4A
So, I let that sit for a few more days and then decided what I really wanted was a much more clear straight line and only a few small irregular strokes.   With my second coat of paint, I visualized the height of the line I wanted and very thoughtfully added in my organic paint line work.

Deep Teal Organic Line Accent Wall
Immediately, I knew this was so much better!!  

The line where the white meets the thermal is about 2/3rd the way up the wall.  I may have gone even a little higher with that line but we are keeping our four poster bed and so I needed to work with the lines of our bed.

Teal Paint Line Accent Wall
Can I just say again, how much I am loving this deep deep teal color!  It changes so much throughout the day that I am having a hard time nailing down what color to call it.  Sometimes it appears quite green, other times it has so much blue in it and other times it looks almost jet black – but I love the drama is has already brought to our bedroom.

Master Bedroom Nightstand
My perfectly imperfect organic, but VERY planned and thought out painted line, ha.

Bedroom Nightstand Teal Paint Wall
I can’t wait to get my new nightstands and table lamps from Home Depot soon!  Also I am putting new hardware on everything that we are keeping, to just give it all a little new feel.

Organic Accent Wall
OTHER BRAND SPONSORED PRODUCTS that arrived this week : 

I was so thrilled when my Spoonflower pillows arrived!  The colors could not be more perfect and I just love the patterns in the room.

Spoonflower product updates
Also, my Mohawk rug is IN THE ROOM and I just die.  The spotted pattern is so perfect and I can’t even begin to express how soft and cushy this rug is under our feet!

Sponsor product updates-2

And lastly, these two stunning beaded tassels arrived from Smith Honig.

Sponsor product updates-3


-Start working on a fun little DIY project that will go on the wall, above our bed.
-Start assembling some of the new Home Depot furniture that will be arriving! 


-Remove the clutter + “catch-all vibe” of the room
-Paint the cream walls a fresh white
-Paint a dramatic accent wall
-Create a focal point on main bedroom wall
-Bring in a few new pieces of furniture/lighting to get away from the matchy/matchy feel
-Add texture, pattern and color to the room
-Create our personality in the space

Do you think I can get it all done in 3 weeks????  I’m sharing daily updates on Instagram Stories and I’d love to you to follow along. 

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And be sure to check out the 16 other amazing Room Refresh plans from the other participating bloggers!  I am loving seeing their weekly progress.

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And I can’t end this post without sharing our generous sponsors!  In the coming weeks you will see me sharing more about many of them.  I am specifically using :  Home Depot, Spoonflower, Mohawk, Liberty Hardware and Smith Honig.



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  1. Wow! This is truely amazing! When it comes to an exterior house painting, this DIY Organic Paint Line Accent Wall was one of a kind, I can see the simple beauty of the wall after applying this Organic Paint Line Accent Wall, your eyes may feels the relaxation of the combination of the colors the applied to the wall.

  2. I was skeptical at first but it turned out really nice! Perfectly imperfect lines are cute and all but I’m absolutely in love with the color. It contrasts with the bright wall and gave absolutely new look to the bed area. What is this lamp by the way if I may ask? Looks really nice and fits the overall picture nicely. Is it DIY or I can buy it somewhere? Can’t tell if those orange figures are reflections from your windows or a nicely done inner glow?

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thank you so much! Isn’t that color just amazing. The lamp is very old from Potterybarn years ago. I think you are just seeing the reflection from the windows from it’s clear base base. 😉

  3. Amy this is amazing! I love how you made this effect and it definitely looks more organic compared to a defined line. Makes it look almost like wallpaper too!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thanks, Stehpanie! It took some effort to get it just right but I really love the drama it’s added to our room.

  4. That wall color is gorgeous! I love the creative way you stopped the paint part way up the wall. Makes the ceiling look so tall. Can’t wait to see all the elements together!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thank you! It took me a whole week to just it just right, but I’m really happy with how it turned out!! 😉

  5. You are so brave!! I love how dramatic and artsy it is. Beautiful job!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      It took me a SOLID week to get this one line… just right. HA.

  6. I LOVE it! The drama of that dark colour is fab. I could never do something like this is our house unfortunately, my husband would have all sorts of ‘hilarious’ things to say about it and as marriage is all about compromise (and he does compromise quite a bit already) I wouldn’t push this on him! But if it were just me I’d be stealing this idea tomorrow, it’s perfectly imperfect!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Ah, thank you so much Julie! And I know what you mean about compromise… my husband has come a long way in our 13 years of marriage! Ha.

    2. I picked Thermal to use as an accent in the upcoming redo of my husband’s home office.

      Love what you said about its drama ie not being able to place it because of how different it looks throughout the day!

      I want to make sure I get that effect, but there’s only one window in his office, so I’m worried it may be too dark at times.

      Also, what sheen did you use? It looks almost matte… like the main color you used.

      1. I did use Matte paint for our bedroom. And I can’t wait to see how your husband’s office turns out!! Good luck.

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