Modern Southwest Living

INSIDE : There is nothing like clean, simple and Modern Southwest living.  From the use of natural materials and plants to cheerful but muted colors – there are tons of Modern Southwest Ideas and Inspiration for all.

Modern Southwest Living
Desert life here we come, again!  As some of you may know, we have temporarily been living in the Midwest for the last two years.  My husband went back to school for his doctorate and his time at school is coming to a close (thank goodness!).  

We flew to the desert and did a little house hunting two weekends ago and eventually put an offer on a home.  With that in mind, I have started amping up my Southwest pinterest game!  Today I am sharing a fun roundup of Modern Southwest Living ideas that I will be heavily pulling from in our new home.

For those of you (most of you) who do not know a ton about southwest styles, our new house has full on Modern Santa Fe southwest vibe.  It has saltilo tile throughout the main living areas, beamed ceilings and lots of built in nichos.

So you will see a trend of whites, beamed ceilings and tile floors with the inspiration images below.  Also, I am not claiming to be an interior designer and some of these gorgeous ideas may be more Bohemian or even a tad Scandinavian… they just look right to my eye.  

Check out some of my Modern Southwest home, LIVING ROOM:

My Midcentury Modern Sofa + Living Room
Large Scale Living Room Art
Why we need Disco Balls 

Check out some of my Modern Southwest home, DINING ROOM:

Creating a Dining Room plan
Modern Southwest Dining Room
Mix and Match your Artwork

Check out some of my Modern Southwest home, KITCHEN:

5 Ways to update your kitchen for under $300
How to install Removable Wallpaper Backsplash

Check out some of my Modern Southwest home, Backyard:

5 Must Do tips for updating your Outdoor Patio

Be inspired by a few Modern Southwest Entry Way Ideas:

Entry Way Inspiration Ideas – 

Modern Southwest Living : Entry Way


Boho Entry

Photo Credit:

Boho Entryway

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Casual Cactus

Photo Credit:

Casual Cactus Entryway Space

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Southwestern Entry

Photo Credit:

Southwestern Front Door Entry

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Be inspired by a few Modern Southwest Dining Room Ideas:

Dining Room Inspiration Ideas –

Modern Southwest Living : Dining Room

Be inspired by a few Modern Southwest Family Room Ideas:

Family Room Inspiration Ideas –

a | b | c

Be inspired by a few Modern Southwest Bedroom Ideas:

Bedroom Inspiration Ideas –

a | b | c

Be inspired by a few Modern Southwest Kitchen Ideas:

Kitchen Inspiration Ideas –

a | b | c

Be inspired by a few Modern Southwest Backyard Ideas:

Backyard Inspiration Ideas –

a | b | c

We move in about a month so keep your eyes open for cha-cha-changes soon to be coming!

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8 thoughts on “Modern Southwest Living

    1. I didn’t realize you were a desert dweller, too! We actually lived in the place we are heading for 10+ years… we just took a 2 year break when my husband was attending additional schooling. And it totally is a DRY HEAT, hahah! 😉

    1. Wonderful picks, Kelly! I’m hoping to make my home even half as neat as they inspiration images! 😉

  1. Amy, your inspiration images are stunning! I particularly love the ones from Almost Makes Perfect and A Pair and a Spare, and the kitchen with the rattan chairs and giant black pendant. I know moving (and buying a house!) are super stressful, but just remember — you get to decorate! 😀 Hope you’re hanging in there! Xoxo

    1. Thanks girl! I hope to make our home even half as cool as these inspiration images!!! We are down to three weekends until we do our three day rode trip back west… keep breathing is what I keep telling myself. xo

    1. Nichos are hard for sure, Laura! I sometimes even struggle with decorating a fireplace mantel. Here’s to hoping this inspiration will help both of us, ha.

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