The Ultimate Backyard, Patio and Garden Resource

INSIDE : Learn everything you need to know to create a beautiful backyard in the summer time! From giving your patio a quick refresh, how to grow a simple raised vegetable garden to quick rockwall repairs. You’ll find a bit of everything here in the Ultimate Backyard, Patio and Garden Resource!

Backyard tips

After winter comes to a close, my mind goes to spending all my time outside. There is something about being outdoors in the sunshine that just makes life better. It could be because I am a huge plant lover (I was a practicing Landscape Architect for eight years) or it could be because it feels calming to hear the gentle wind blowing and birds chirping.

Either way, today I am rounding up all types of outdoor, backyard, garden resources for you. I plan to come back and continually update this post, as well. So be sure to pin this resouse guide and check back often.

Ultimate Backyard Patio and Garden Resource

And if you are looking for indoor plant resources, I have tons of information on indoor houseplant care. You can check out some of my most popular posts here.

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