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INSIDE : I love a good paint tutorial lesson.  Check out all different types of how-to paint posts here!  Learn to paint lemons, peonies, watermelon, pumpkins and so much more to help pass the time while being creative!

Acrylic Paint Tutorials

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I am a huge believer in the transformation that simple paint can bring to a project.  Whether it’s painting an entire room, using acrylic paints on a project or the light touch of a watercolor painting – paint is maybe my number one favorite medium to use!


I love a good paint tutorial lesson.  Who doesn’t remember enjoying fun Paint-by-number projects when they were little, too?  They were my favorite!  Well, over time I have done so many different tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to paint objects, fruit, flowers and more.

Looking for more step by step How to Paint tutorials?  People have really resonated with my simple, step by step instructions on how to draw and paint all different types of art.  Here are some that I have done –

Succulent and Cactus – whoa you all LIKED that one!!
Paint a pumpkin
Paint colorful Fall Leaves
Pumpkin bags

What are the best Acrylic Paints to use?

I love acrylic paint the best.  Not only is it readily available at most craft stores, you can also buy it very easily online.  I love the huge color variations available with acrylic paints, too.  

I use most of the big brands of acrylic paints on a daily basis, however there are a few that I really enjoy.  All of Martha Stewart’s Acrylics paints are wonderful.  They have a nice thickness to them and a great coverage.  

I also like Target’s Hand Made Modern paint selection, but I must say I like their packaging the best.  Very minimal labels, so most of the container is clear plastic and you can really see the paint colors easily.  I’m also a fan of Deco Art and Apple Barrel paints.

Acrylic Paint

I have even done quite a few marbling projects using Acrylic Paint.

What are the best Interior Paints to use?

Many years ago, my husband read in Consumer Reports that Home Depot’s Behr Premium Plus paint was the best interior paint and from that day onward – that is the interior paint we use in our home.  

I often prefer the look of the Matte finish and in some rooms that will work.  However, in our higher trafficked rooms, I will use an eggshell… just a little bit more of a sheen and easier to cleanup (from kids and bathroom or kitchen spills).

Bathroom Update-Behr-4

What are the best Watercolor Paints to use?

I have been a long fan of Prang Oval 16 Watercolor palette.  I have used Prang watercolors since college.  I recently have also tried Artist’s Loft 36 pan set and really loved how many color options were included.

Check out these step by step creative How-To Paint posts :

How-To Acrylic Paint Tutorials

I love a good paint tutorial lesson. Check out all different types of how-to paint posts here! Learn to paint lemons, peonies, watermelon, pumpkins and so much more to help pass the time while being creative!

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