DIY Hand Painted Napkins

INSIDE : Learn how to create your own marble effect with DIY Hand Painted Cocktail Napkins. Make unique and colorful cloth napkins using these fun painting techniques.

DIY Hand Painted Cocktail Napkins, perfect for any occasion! Delineate Your Dwelling

I don’t know about you, but I am still hugely into the marbling trend.  It seems like such a classic style that I don’t know if it will ever really go away!  Today I am going to show you how you can create that same marbling effect yourself on simple no sew DIY Hand Painted Napkins.

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DYD supply list



What supplies do I need to make Hand Painted Cocktail Napkins?

Acrylic Craft Paint
Textile Medium
Paint Brush
Sharpie Markers (pink and orange is what I ended up using)
White Handkerchief
Fabric Fusion Adhesive

Hand Painted Napkins supplies

How to create marbled hand painted DIY cocktail napkins:

The process of creating hand painting a marbled texture was much easier than I thought it would be.  In fact, I’ve hand painted marble textures once before!

Before staring, be sure to add in textile medium to your paints. This will help with less cracking once the paint has dried.

To begin, I started with my darkest orange color.  I was sure to create very loose and flowing lines to mimic marble.  I painted three dark orange lines. Then, I slowly added in additional line work in varying widths.

Hand Painted Napkins step2

I also watered down the paint considerably to create a watercolor look.  After the paint was dry, I used a pink and orange thick point sharpie to add some definition to some of the lines.

Again, just loosely outline your painted lines.  The looser the better!

Hand Painted Napkins cloth
Once everything was dry and completed, I ironed the backside of the handkerchief to rid all wrinkles.  Then I cut the fabric into 5″ x 10″ strips to make cocktail napkins.  I folded and ironed the strips in half.

Hand Painted Napkins step3a

How to use Fabric Fusion on napkins:

Creating small folds on all the edges, I used a thin line of fabric fusion to create a clean hemmed look.

Depending on what kind of glue needs you may have, you can cut your bottle top at different heights (thin, medium or thick).

Next, gently squeeze the bottle and create a straight line of glue to adhere the fabric together.  Allow the glue to dry fully.  Glue creates a permanent bond between fabrics and other embellishments.  And if you have any spills or mess-ups, you can clean it with soap and water before it dries.

Hand Painted Napkins step5

Fold the fabric in half and apply another line of fabric fusion along the perimeter.

Hand Painted Napkins step4

Allow to fully dry.

Hand Painted Cocktail Napkins 2

Because I used fabric fusion, these are not washable, but if you have the patience to sew this could be easily washed.  I use these more as decorative cocktail or dinner napkins when friends come over, as opposed to wiping up big spills.

DIY Hand Painted Cocktail Napkins, perfect for any occasion! Delineate Your Dwelling
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  1. Hi,
    I love this idea and definitely make these. Please encourage your followers to make these washable. It would be a shame to throw these away after only one or two uses. They would be very easy to hand sew if no machine is available. I love your blog and have just started to follow you.

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