Mini Watermelon Bags

INSIDE : Learn how to make mini painted Watermelon Canvas Bags! They are the perfect craft project for holding a few special treats and they make great gifts, too.

Learn how to make mini painted Watermelon Canvas Bags! They are the perfect craft project for holding a few special treats and they make great gifts, too. Delineate Your Dwelling #minicanvasbag #paintedwatermelon #watermelonbag #paintwatermelon #summercraft #craftwatermelon

Yay, I have some fun news to share.  I have teamed up for another year as a 12 Months of Martha creative blogger!  I was so honored to be asked to join again.  Many of the posts I did with Martha Stewart last year were some of my very favorite projects.  So, I am quite excited to join in for another year of creativity using the ever amazing Martha Stewart craft supplies.

Today I am kicking off the year with these adorable Mini Watermelon Bags which are perfect for summertime.  They are the perfect size to hold a few treats, your summer lipgloss, change for the pool, outdoor parties or just for pure fruity fun!

And I loved making these fun bags, I have since created Peaches, Peonies, Lemons and Pumpkin bags!  Which is your favorite?

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What supplies do I need to paint miniature Watermelon Bags?

Acrylic Paints
Small Canvas Bags
Martha Paint Brushes
Black Permanent Marker

Painted Watermelon Bag supplies
If you know me at all, you know I do not like rulers and precision… it cramps my artsy style.  If you are with me on that, then this is the quick project for you!  I am all about organic free hand drawing and painting and not stressing if all your bag designs look a little different from each other – I think it’s better that way!

How to paint Watermelon Canvas Bags:

To start painting your miniature canvas bags, first cut down a disposable paper plate to fit inside your bags so the paint does not bleed through.  You could also use a few sheets from an old magazine or a piece of poster board for this.

Next, select at least two shades of green acrylic paint and about three shades of pink/coral paint.

I started with the outer green rind first.  Use your darker green shade first and paint a simple arc pattern.  Then come back in with the lighter green color next.  I shared this picture on Instagram.  Was anyone able to guess those green arcs would be turning into watermelons??

Follow the same concept for the fruit portion of the watermelon.  I started with my brightest neon pink first, then a rosy pink color and the center (or corner of the bag) I used a gorgeous coral color.

After the paint had dried, I used a black permanent marker to draw on three watermelon seeds.

Painted Mini Watermelon Bag steps

DIY Painted Mini Watermelon Muslin Bag
I love the cheerfulness of these Mini Watermelon bags… plus, they are sign of warm summer weather to come!

Make colorful painted Mini Watermelon Fruit Canvas Bags! They are the perfect thing to hold a few special treats and make great gifts. Delineate Your Dwelling #minicanvasbag #paintedwatermelon #watermelonbag #summercraft #craftwatermelon

What to use Watermelon Canvas Bags for:

These little bags have endless uses.  You could fill them with treats and give as teacher gifts.  You could have them be party favors and pass them out at your next outdoor barbecue.  I think mini canvas bags are also good for holding small items in your purse like chapstick or a compact mirror.

Mini Watermelon Bag




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 Learn how to make colorful painted Mini Watermelon Fruit Canvas Bags! #paintedwatermelon #watermelonbag #paintwatermelon #summercraft #craftwatermelon

3 Mini muslin Painted Mini Watermelon Fruit Canvas Bags! #summercraft #craftwatermelon
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Thank you to Martha Stewart for supplying the craft materials used on this project.  From the brushes to the paints, as you can imagine, Martha sells only the highest quality products and I love them!

If you are interested in all my mini bags, you can check them out here!

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30 thoughts on “Mini Watermelon Bags

  1. They are so adorbs
    I will make them for gift ideas to my friends
    You are soo insperational
    Thank you thank you thank you

  2. I love them defintily gonna make them
    They are soo beatiful and creative
    Thank you for giving us such great ideas
    Oh yes i got a idea why dont you make watermelon flavoured lipbalm

  3. Love these! So cute and I love how the edges of the paint are imperfect! Also – can we talk about your paint tray? I feel like it needs to be framed!! I love how it looks.

    1. Always love seeing you stop by my blog! #girlcrush Ah, the paint tray… I’ve often thought of taking pictures of it to frame, glad to hear someone else out there agrees with me.

  4. Hi Amy! These watermelon bags are right up my alley too! I don’t like rulers either 😉 I enjoy more a more free spirited project! Pinned 😉

  5. I love these watermelon bags! They would be great to use as “wrapping paper” for jewelry or other small trinkets to give to friends or family. Super cute!

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