Tips to draw and paint a colorful Pumpkin

INSIDE : See the easy step by step instructions to create gorgeous artwork for the Fall. Tips on how to draw and paint a colorful Pumpkin for Autumn in just a few simple steps! You can become your very own artist!

Colorful Painted Fall Pumpkins

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This post has been updated from it’s original 2018 publish date.

One of the things I love doing is painting and drawing simple objects.  A few years ago I did an Easy Art in 1.2.3 mini series of art work.  People really enjoyed the easy step by step instructions on how to draw and paint all different types of art… especially my Tips to draw a Succulent and Cactus – whoa!!  

Today I wanted to share tips on how to draw a simple Fall Pumpkin!  And you can also see how to make painted pumpkin bags.

What supplies do I need to making a pumpkins drawing?

Paint a Pumpkin supplies

How to draw an easy Pumpkin

When drawing an easy pumpkin, you will start with the basic shape. Note, you can see my line work highlighted below in orange polka dots for ease of viewing.

To start your pumpkin drawing, create two narrow “C” shapes that mirror each other.  Remember, just like real pumpkins, you don’t want these “C’s” to be perfect or your pumpkin will look too perfect.  We are going for loose and easy. See below image.

Next, create another set of “C’s” inside your main pumpkin shape but these should be even more narrow looking.  You are now drawing the ribs of your pumpkin.

Draw a Pumpkin steps

The last step of your Fall pumpkin drawing is adding the stem and a little swirly vine.

How to draw a Pumpkin Dtem

Drawing a pumpkin stem is a simple way to really finish off you drawing. The stem of a pumpkin can take many different shapes and sizes. Some pumpkin stems are narrow and curly from when they were still attached to the pumpkin vine. Other stems are wide and short. There really is no wrong pumpkin stem!

For my pumpkin drawing, I went with a fairly traditional narrow stem shape. I drew an oblong rectangle shape and then added an additional curly piece.

How to make an easy Pumpkin painting

Painting easy fall pumpkins is all about breaking the picture up into simple and do-able sections.

Start by adding a soft pink paint base for the pumpkin.  Now, if you are painting your pumpkin on paper, any type of paint will do – watercolor, acrylic or even tempura paints.  

After this post went live, I had a ton of people ask what’s the best kind of paint to use on a pumpkin and I would say hands down acrylic paint.

Painted Fall Pumpkin steps

Next, add a cheerful very vibrant orange-yellow color, I used Tangerine.  I added the tangerine right alongside the pink.

And then to start filling in the pumpkin, I painted a very soft yellow color to the main areas of the pumpkin.

It’s really starting to take on such a colorful painted look!

Painted Fall Pumpkin yellow and orange steps

The last steps to painting your pumpkin, are just playing around with more colors.  I added a rich deep almost rust orange along my inner “C” lines.  And then began layering on the beginning colors again to create more depth.

The very final step was using a brush marker to draw in the pumpkin stem and vine.  You could easily paint this portion of the art, but I liked the contrast of the colorful painted pumpkin against the simple black marker.

paint a Colorful Painted Fall Pumpkin

Allow your paint to fully dry and them you can hang in your home!

Easy Pumpkin Acrylic Painting

Fall Pumpkin

This beautiful pumpkin painting would be wonderful to hang as a print in your home, paint on the front of a card for a friend or gift to a family member!

Painted Fall Abstract Pumpkin

Looking for this exact pumpkin already in print form?  Check out my Pumpkin Print and enjoy clicking and printing it out!

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