Indigo Blue summer IKEA Wish List

Can I get a woot woot for IKEA?!  I may or may not have a trip in my near future.  Now, some of you luckys have an IKEA down the street.  I’m much closer to a store now, but before we moved I had to leave the state to get some IKEA lovin’ and that was so sad.  But, I digress… with the sun finally starting to show it’s face and everything outside greening up, I am ready to get my outdoor spaces ready for use.  So, today I am sharing my Indigo Blue Summer Ikea Wish List!

Indigo Blue Ikea Summer Wish List, Delineate Your Dwelling

I’m guessing IKEA just released a few new products at the start of April, as I had just checked their website and then suddenly saw all kinds of new Indigo items pop up.  I think blues are such a wonderful color to ring in the summer months, so you will probably be seeing a bit more of that color around the blog for a while.

Without further ado, my IKEA wish list…

Throw Pillows
I love adding color and warmth to a space with throw pillows.  I love the bold colors of these Indigo blue patterns but that they are also very simple in style.
Ikea Summer Wish List-pillows

a / b / c / d

Trays +Vases

Nothing quite says outdoor dining like easy trays and colorful vases.  My main outdoor seating area is a bit of a walk from our kitchen, so having a simple tray on hand is essential to carrying more outside with less trips involved.  And the more time you can spend outdoors and not walking back and forth from the kitchen, the better!

Ikea Summer Wish List-trays-vases
a / b / c / d / e


Misc. Home Goods (not summer)
Okay, you caught me these are not necessarily summer items, but they are still on my wish list so I thought I would include them.  (Note – The mirror pictured below is sold as yellow, but I was wanting to hang it in my son’s room, so I plan to paint it blue.)  I am also working towards getting my son out of a toddler bed and into a twin sized bed, so those sheets spoke to me!  And goodness, can I see some fun play happening with that doll house for my daughter.  Yes, please.
Ikea Summer Wish Lista / b / c


Rattan Chairs
You love them, I love them, everyone loves a good rattan chair.  To be completely honest, I don’t know where one of these beauties will go but I am fairly sure I can make a space.  And it might be getting a color makeover, just putting that out there.
Ikea Summer Wish List-rattan chairsa / b / c / d

So, there you have it.  How does my wish list stand against yours?  Are you planning to use more Indigo blue in your decor this spring/summer, too?


  1. Hy Amy, why didn’t I ever discover those marvellous ombre vases? I pratically live to Ikea’s new releases! Thanks for the lovely collection ^_^

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      You know when I went to Ikea last… I couldn’t find them! I’m hoping they just hadn’t released them for summer yet.

  2. Girl, you and I would have so much fun shopping together, we have the same taste! (That or we’d fight to the death over the same throw pillow, lol!) But where was that gorgeous terracotta vase when I was just in IKEA? Want!!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Ah, I’d love to shop with you!! I was bummed, they didn’t have the terra-cotta vase at my Ikea either. Bah. It looks like they have a huge terra-cotta line coming soon and it is gooooorgeous.

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Isn’t it so good!!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thank you so much for letting me know, Jessica! I think they should be all fixed and good to go now. =)

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