Best LOVE Crafts for Valentine’s Day

INSIDE : Check out 28+ of the best LOVE craft projects for Valentine’s Day! From home decor crafts and printables, to snacks and treats that are full of heart.  There is something for everyone to make.

LOVE Projects for Valentine's Day

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This post has been updated since it’s original January 2018 publish date.

Once mid-January hits, it’s go time for love love love!  And today I am sharing some of my most adorable LOVE projects for Valentine’s Day from over the years.  

So, whether you celebrate Galentine’s Day with a bunch of girlfriends or the holiday in big or small ways, there is always room for a tiny little craft to show someone you love them.

Looking for more amazing Valentine’s Day projects?  You’ll love these fun ideas.

What can I make for Valentine’s Day?

There are endless options for things to make for Valentine’s day and depending on if you are making a gift for your friend, children or significant other.

Check out below 28+ fun and creative ideas that are quick to make and adorable to give!

Best Valentine's Day craft ideas

Check out this amazing collection of 28 easy to make adorable Valentine's Day craft ideas!

What is the most popular valentine’s Day gift?

It’s difficult to say definitively what the absolute most popular Valentine’s Day gift is, as preferences can vary depending on individual tastes and budgets.

However, some of the most commonly given gifts include:


  1. What a lovely selection of Valentine’s Day crafts, I really like Cupid’s Bow and Arrow, it’s so cute!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Aw, thanks! My kiddos LOVED those cupid bow + arrow craft!

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