Fringed Felt Heart

INSIDE : Learn how to craft this adorable Felt Heart Fringe wall decor project just in time for Valentine’s Day! It is a great project for all ages and takes less than an hour to make.

Fringed Felt Heart,

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The felt returns.  Are you excited as I am?!!  Over the Christmas holidays, I had a full week of nothing but felt crafts and I kind of fell in love with felt (Ornaments, Tree Wall Hanging, Snowflake Mittens).  So I decided to pull out my stash for the love holiday and make a cute Fringed Felt Heart, perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

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What supplies do I need to make a Fringed Felt Heart?

Fringed Felt Heart supplies

How to make a fringe felt banner

I think the game changer for me and felt was the color options.  Most craft stores carry Crayola vibrant colors and not much else.  So when I stumbled upon Craft Wool Felt on Etsy, I was smitten instantly!

You could easily use a spare piece of cardboard, but I had an empty box of cereal (Yes, I can already hear the comments coming.  I know, my kids are lucky I let them eat delicious Golden Grahams) on hand and it was the perfect thickness for this project.

Cut up your cereal box in the shape you desire.  I made a heart and it was so quick, I also made two diamonds later.  Using your gorgeous ruler (I swear #officesuppliesaremycrack), mark off your basic widths for each color of felt.

Next, cut the strips of felt and fringe away.  And finally, using a glue gun, start at the bottom and slowly adhere the felt to your shape.

Fringed Felt Heart steps

When you are done, you will be left with a non-descript felt blob.  Simply, turn over your shape and cut the felt down per the cardboard edges.

Fringed Felt
Fringed Felt shapes

What did I tell you?  Are these not the cutest Fringed Felt hearts and diamonds you’ve ever seen?

Fringed Felt Heart,

My daughter is waiting so patiently to hang them in her room, but I’m afraid I might need to lay claim to them first!

diamond Fringed Felt
Fringed Felt Heart,

25 thoughts on “Fringed Felt Heart

  1. Thank you for this idea! I have some felt out, but will make it another day soon. I used your idea and create md a hanging heart using a natural tan ribbon with pale pink lace on each end. I matched up the lace scallops for each strip of lace. I hung it with twine. It turned out so pretty. Thank you for sharing!

      1. I’m going to combine your project along with another project I did for Valentine’s Day to create a St. Patty’s project. The other V-Day project was a heart felt tree. They turned out gorgeous. I made a tall pale pink and shorter trees in hot pink and white for a total of three trees each topped with a shimmery heart. They were used as the centerpiece for a Valentine’s Tea I hosted for my in-laws. Now, I want to use your felt fringe idea to create a rainbow cone tree. I could use circles, but I’m thinking the fringed strips will look great (as long as I can get the top of the tree nice and neat). I’m starting soon, so if you have any suggestions or other ideas, please let me know.

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