Felt Pumpkin

INSIDE : Learn how to make a gorgeous cream colored Floral Felt Pumpkin for this Halloween season.  Display it as Fall home decor on your table, mantel or even at your front door.

Cream Floral Felt Pumpkin

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This post has been updated since it’s original September 2013 publish date.

Sometimes I get so tired of the same colors used for every holiday and season.  So, this year I am going with cream, blue, green and gold for the fall.  It certainly is not the typical or traditional color palette most people use, but it makes me happy so I’m going with it.  

Today I am sharing how to create this lovely Felt floral Pumpkin.

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Create a gorgeous Floral Felt DIY Pumpkin this autumn season! Delineate Your Dwelling #fallpumpkin #fallfeltcrafts

In keeping with my non traditional colors this fall, I wanted a non traditional looking pumpkin, too.  I got the crazy idea of making a Felt floral Pumpkin.  It seems like I had seen about every style of pumpkin out there, but not many felt flowered ones.  

I also used this pumpkin in my stunning Fall Boho Bat Fireplace display and it was the show stopper!

What supplies do I need to make a Floral Felt Pumpkin?

Cream felt ( I used about 12 sheets. I didn’t end up using the gray or white as shown below.)
Sewing scissors
Lots of Hot Glue
Faux pumpkin

felt pumpkin supplies

How to make a Felt Pumpkin:

Start by making felt flowers.  Some I actually followed patterns from tutorials on Pinterest but others I simply cut petal shapes and hot glued them together in fun ways. I found it helpful to pick about 3-5 different flower patterns and then just make a handful of them.

Once you get a handful of felt flowers made, you can begin at the the top of your pumpkin and slowly work your way down.

Felt DIY Pumpkin step 1

Even after adding just a few rows of the felt flowers to the pumpkin, I thought it looked so stunning. And slowly, I began making progress.

I would do a few rows each evening… this was a great activity while you are watching Netflix!

Felt pumpkin, step 2

No-Carve Felt Pumpkin

And after a few evenings of Netflix, finally I completed this no carve beauty!  She was so worth the effort, too.

Floral Felt Pumpkin2

And after my pumpkin was all done, I put that little felt beauty on a white cake plate to give her the perfect perch she needed.  A few additional bronze and buffalo check pumpkins and some leaves tucked in there and we have ourselves a perfect fall moment!

DIY Pumpkins in Gold, Buffalo Check and Felt

Fall Wedding Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea

This would be a beautiful Fall Wedding Centerpiece, too. Can you just image how beautiful these pumpkins would look next to some votive candles, crisp linens and a bride + groom. So lovely!

Create a gorgeous Floral Felt DIY Pumpkin this autumn season! Delineate Your Dwelling #fallpumpkin #fallfeltcrafts

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