Pineapple Pumpkin

I know it’s fall and we should all be thinking mums and apple cider, but I just can’t quite let the pineapple go.  I made this fun pineapple washi tape print earlier in the year and today I am sharing my Easy DIY Pineapple Pumpkin! Pineapples are still my go-to DIY fruit of choice.

Easy DIY Pineapple Pumpkin, Delineate Your DwellingThis post contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure.

A Pumpkin | Yellow Spray paintGold Paint Pen | Green Scrapbook paper
Small wooden dowels | Scissors | Hot Glue
 Pineapple Pumpkin supplies, Delineate Your Dwelling
The first step is to clean off your pumpkin from any dirt or debris (this won’t be an issue if you used a faux pumpkin) and then get to spray painting!  My pumpkin took about 3 coats of yellow paint, just like a piece of furniture might.
 Pineapple Pumpkin yellow, Delineate Your Dwelling
After your paint has completely dried, draw a check board pattern on your pumpkin with a gold paint pen.  My lines were not perfectly straight, but neither is a pumpkin!
 Pineapple Pumpkin, Delineate Your Dwelling
Cut your green scrapbook paper into a pineapple leaf shape.  I hot glued the paper to a small wooden dowel and then stuck it into my pumpkin at the top.
 Pineapple Pumpkin leaf, Delineate Your Dwelling
The result is a fun fruity pumpkin, perfect decor for a party, a very large fruit bowl or sitting outside to scare away the (fruit) ghosts.
 Easy Pineapple Pumpkin, Delineate Your Dwelling
I thought an apple pumpkin might be kind of fun, too.  What do you think?  Should I give it a try?


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