Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter

INSIDE : See how to take a simple plastic cup and transform it into a fun festive Pumpkin Planter! You can make this quick DIY Face Vase craft with your kids, too!

Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter

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This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of October 2015.

I love bringing my outdoors plants inside when the weather starts to cool.  And even more so when the temperature changes and many of my plants start fading away.  Did you know you can extend the life of some of your favorite plants by making them house plants?!!

Supplies needed to make solo cup Pumpkin Planters

Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter supplies

How to cut vinyl shapes with scissors

To cut vinyl shapes with scissors, you can simply place the vinyl with the backing paper side up and draw the shapes you are wanting. Then, carefully cut out the shape using scissors. Be sure to cut through the vinyl and the backing paper.

I cut out two triangles and a Frankenstein style mouth from my black vinyl.

Plastic Cup Pumpkin

Here are some tips for cutting vinyl shapes with scissors. First, use sharp scissors. Dull scissors will tear the vinyl and make it difficult to get a clean cut.

If you are making intricate designs, it might be helpful to use a cutting mat. This will protect your work surface and help to prevent the vinyl from slipping. It also may be helpful to use a template. You can make your own template out of paper or cardstock, or you can find templates online.

Cut slowly and carefully. It is better to make several small cuts than to try to make one big cut.

Once the shape is cut out, remove the backing paper.

Pumpkin face

Once the vinyl shapes have been cut out and the backing is removed, you can place them on your orange cup.

Plastic Cup Pumpkin eyes

You can how cute this orange cup is already looking!

Plastic Cup Pumpkin

Curling a Pipe Cleaner

To add just a little more fun to your plastic up pumpkin, you can add a metallic gold pipe cleaner!

To curl a pipe cleaner, start by wrapping it around a pencil or other cylindrical object. Slide the pipe cleaner off of the pencil and be careful not to disturb the curl.

Leave the bottom portion of your pipe cleaner straight so you can insert it into your plant’s soil!

Gold Pipe Cleaner twist

Pumpkin Cup Plant

Lastly, place your small plant in the cup. I used English Ivy for this project and loved how the ivy grew and gave a organic / wild feel to it.

Ivy Fall Plastic Cup

There are so many fun plants you could use on this fun Fall craft project!

AND I have since done a few additional pumpkins with googly eyes and even stick on mustaches, too!  

Plastic Cup Jack O Lantern

How cute would this be with some succulents or even a little head of grass?  It could be your very own halloween chia pet, ha!

Solo Cup Pumpkin plant

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  1. Amy, this is such a cute idea! My Little Miss A would love doing one of these! How fun they would be to include the littles in all the decorating. I love indoor plants, and I’m trying really hard to learn how to NOT kill them. Thanks for sharing!


    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      I was thinking it would be fun to fill the cup with soil and have my kiddos plant grass seeds, like a homemade Chia Pet! Ha. Thanks for stopping by today. xo

  2. This is super cute & perfect craft for little hands! I love the gold touches, too! Great post! Coming over from “Share the Wealth Sunday Linkup”.

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Tiffani!

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