How to make a winter head decoration

INSIDE : Learn how to create a winter head decoration by making a DIY face vase from a styrofoam head and adding gorgeous faux greenery. A simple project to make for any skill level.

Winter Lady decoration

As Thanksgiving is nearing, let’s just admit it… we all are starting to think about Christmas.  And this year I started decorating earlier than ever before!  We put out Christmas tree up this past weekend and my kids are in heaven.

Today I am sharing a fun Winter Lady that is making her debut in my decor this year.

Winter Lady face vase out of a styrofoam head

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What supplies are needed for a Winter Lady Decoration?

Female Styrofoam Display Head
Various “winter” greenery
X-acto knife
Hot glue

Winter Lady supplies

How do you make a Winter Lady Head Decoration?

My plan want to have the greenery act as my lady’s “winter hat”.  So, I started by drawing out the basic shape of her “hat” with a pencil on the top of her head.

Next, I started removing portions of the styrofoam with my x-acto knife.  Mom, if you are reading this… skip to the next step.  I almost chopped my fingers.

To be completely honest, I thought carving a small bowl shape into styrofoam would be much easier than it was.  Go slow, do not rush.  Take your time and PLEASE keep all your lovely fingers.

Winter Lady cuts

Next I disassembled all the winter greenery I had bought.  I’m big into organically creating silk flower displays.

TIP: Just because you buy an “arrangement” that all comes together on one nice big stem, it does not mean that you should go home, put in a vase and call it a day.  I always cut the stems off at varying heights and rearrange my flowers.  This gives a much more natural look to your displays.

Winter Lady flowers and berries

Now comes the fun part, creating your lady’s winter “hat”.  I knew I wanted the bird’s nest to be the main focus, so that was the first item I placed.  I stuck it down into the styrofoam and then added just a dab of hot glue for extra holding power.

Then, I started slowing adding additional sprigs, pinecones and berries.

Winter Lady stepsI added a few small pieces of greenery across her forehead to act as bangs and secured those with small dabs of hot glue.

Winter Lady flower final

Elegant Greenery Winter Lady

She might be a little too unique for some, but I really love this holiday dressed Winter lady!

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