Easy Baker + Cupcake Store Bought Halloween Costumes

This year I finally wised up for Halloween!  I’ve been making my kiddos coordinating homemade Halloween costumes since they started dressing up (owls, Scuba Divers and Planets).  It’s been fun and something I really enjoy doing, but we have a lot of crazy going on in our lives this year so I wanted to go the LOW STRESS Halloween Costume route.  Today I am sharing  how to customize Easy Store Bought Baker and Cupcake Halloween Costumes for children!

Baker-Cupcake Halloween Kid Costume, Delineateyourdwelling.com
We do a lot of dress-up at our house, so I wanted my kids to be something fun that they can enjoy throughout the year and easy!  I still had some creative fun but went 90% store bought and 10% homemade.  And you WON’T believe how inexpensive these costumes were, read to the very bottom to see!!

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supply list

Baker/Chef Hat + Apron  (I was surprised on the quality of these.)
Wooden Spoon (Mine was from Dollar Store)
White Plastic Colander (Mine was from Dollar Store)
Various plastic + wooden toy cooking supplies/food
Black Mascara for mustache

Cupcake Costume
White Plastic Colander (Mine was from Dollar Store)
Clear Plastic Cup with STRAW + Lid (Target)
Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow construction paper
Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors

NOTE : I photoshopped all the supplies from Amazon onto the image below for easier viewing (those are not my kids).

Baker-Cupcake Halloween Costume supplies

For my son’s baker costume, I went with minimal effort.  We already had a big wooden spoon so I painted the top portion of it with pink acrylic paint to match the frosting of my daughter’s cupcake costume.  I added a few brightly colored sprinkles as well, because yummy sprinkles!

Baker-Cupcake Spoon steps
We added a cute mascara mustache and a tied on some plastic food/cooking utensils.  What a baker!

Baker-Cupcake Halloween Costume chef

No adorable Cupcake little girl’s costume would be complete without a wand, so I made her a cupcake sprinkle wand!  I found a clear plastic cup with straw at Target on sale.  The straw had a small lip at the end and I used that to my advantage.  I pulled the straw out as far as the lip would allow and then used hot glue to secure it would stay.  I ended up adding a lot of glue to make it nice and secure.

Baker-Cupcake Wand steps
For the sprinkles, I was so happy to find a good use for my Martha Stewart fringe scissors!   These scissors honestly cut my time in third.  After most of the cup was full of brightly colored sprinkle paper, I added some ribbon embellishments to the outside of the wand for extra sprinkle power.

Baker-Cupcake Wand confetti step
Some bright lipstick on the cheeks and my little cupcake with a cherry on top was ready!

Cupcake-Baker Halloween Costume
Put them together and it’s just icing on the Halloween cake, pun intended!

Baker-Cupcake Halloween Costumes

Baker-Cupcake Halloween Costume down
Cupcake-Baker Halloween Costume wand
Ready for the kicker?  For these two adorable Halloween costumes I spent $30!!!  I shopped Amazon for the main costumes, Dollar Store for the odds and ends and the rest we already had.  Boom, halloween, I’m taking back expensive store bought costumes!

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