Fabulous Felt Crafts

INSIDE : Check out this amazing collection of Fabulous Felt Crafts! Felt is such a versatile craft material and it really is incredible all the things you can make using it. Felt is inexpensive and easy to use so take a moment and learn how to make some of the best felt projects out there.

Fabulous Felt Crafts

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This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of August 2016.

I adore felt.  It’s such a simple material to use and I’ve used it on a ton of projects!  

I love the texture and thickness of felt.  It makes wonderful crafts and the things you can do with felt are simply endless.  I’ve done at least seven projects with felt and the more I create with it, the more I want to keep using it!  

Today I am sharing some of the Best Felt Craft ideas out there!

Where is the best place to buy felt online?

And can we talk about how many amazing colors comes in now?  You used to only be able to get the basic bright bold crayola crayon type colors of felt, but oh my… there are so many shades of gorgeous felt out there!  

Here are my favorite felt shops –

What can I make with craft felt?

The things you can make and craft using felt feels endless. From making purses or bags to flower crowns and banners. There are so many amazingly creative ways to use and play with felt!

Let’s get into a few of them below.

Check out 23 of the Best Felt Craft ideas!

Looking for just a few more creative felt projects? Check these out…

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  1. I still love your cute felt flowers, Amy, and there are some other pretties here too! Who knew felt came in so many beautiful colors! xoxo

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