Green Beaded Wreath

You know how sometimes you get really really excited about a project and just can’t wait to share it?  Well, that’s how I feel about today’s Green Beaded Wreath!  This fall I am going for a non.traditional color palette and that is coming across loud and clear in many of my fall related posts.  You’ll be seeing more peach, coral, gold, cream, white and bright pops of emerald green!

Green Beaded Wreath, Delineate Your Dwelling
Foam Wreath form
A package of green stranded Christmas beads

Hot Glue

I started by creating all my felt flowers.  I always do this simple technique.  Cut your felt into a sloppy circle shape and then cut a spiral.  The more variegated the spiral and original circle, the more interest in your final flower look.
Green Beaded Wreath, Delineate Your Dwelling
Meanwhile, start wrapping your form with the beads.  This actually doesn’t take too long unless you get about a 3/4 of the way done and run out of beads and then go to the store to get more and they are out.  Then, you have to buy all new beads, come home and take apart the wreath and do it again.  Yah.  So worth it for that lovely emerald green… makes me heart stop beating a moment, I love it so.
Green Beaded Wreath, Delineate Your Dwelling

And then maybe you get this far and AGAIN run out of beads and have to go back to the store.  I was about to throw this guy out the window… but I just knew… keep going.

Finally all those dang beads were done and I glued the felt flowers and a few paper flowers on.
Green Beaded Wreath, Delineate Your Dwelling
Happy perfection.
Green Beaded Wreath, Delineate Your Dwelling
Green Beaded Wreath, Delineate Your Dwelling

Now that you know how much I love this little wreath, guess what happened?  I had JUST set it on display on our fireplace mantel and in a freak gust of wind coming through an open window, everything on my mantel came crashing down and my lovely green beaded wreath broke the fall of a few items, shattering… no exploding into seven plus pieces.  RIP sweet wreath, you were so well loved for a few days.

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20 thoughts on “Green Beaded Wreath

  1. I’m so sorry you had a little “accident” with your lovely autumn stuff, but as someone who has just binned a batch of pretty revolting cakes this morning, other peoples fails always make me feel a bit better! (never made cakes that NO-ONE could eat before :-/ )
    I love these flat- ish green beads you found, I’m thinking Christmas as I tend to go for traditional colours most of the time, they are just so pretty!

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