Valentine’s Day Cookie Dish

As Valentine’s Day nears, we all start seeing more hearts, red+pink and love wafting through the air.  So, I decided why not create a simple Valentine’s Day Cookie Dish with the sharpie technique that is all the craze, to keep with the love themed holiday.

Sharpie Valentines Candy Dish,

(disclaimer : you will note that my colors changed after the baking process.  i decided to post this anyway as a user beware lesson.)
.I used a number of pink shades, a red and a mint green fine tipped Sharpie.
.I bought a white square dish at Target in their clearance section.  This dish was $1.99.
 Sharpie Valentine's Day Dish supplies,

After quite a few random sketches, I decided on a patchwork looking heart.  Using the lightest pink marker, I drew my boundary lines for each of the colors.  Once, I had finished stippling all the colors, I was able to “erase” the light pink color using a q.tip and rubbing alcohol.

Sharpie Valentine's Day Dish stipple,

As I had done previously on my Sharpie Mugs, put your dish in the oven before turning it on.  Then, set your oven to 450’F.  Once the oven reaches that temperature, set the timer for thirty minutes to bake.  Once the timer goes off, turn off oven and leave the dish in as the temperature cools down.  This will have prevent sudden temperature changes that can result in cracking.
Sharpie Valentine's Day Dish baking,
As noted in my disclaimer above, all the vibrant and colorful pinks I used on this project turned odd shades of mustard yellow.  My fun mint color turned teal and the red turned maroon.  So, if you are by chance looking for a fall themed Valentine’s Day Cookie Dish, these are the colors for you!
Sharpie Valentine's Day Dish ,
Regardless of the unfortunate color changes, I really love how this dish came out.
Sharpie Valentine's Dish ,
Plus, with a few sprinkles and a delicious cookie… any dish looks better!

58 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cookie Dish

  1. Hi Amy!

    I just wanted to let you know that you are my nominee for the MEGA Rockstar from Creativity Unleashed Week 51! I adore your Geometric Valentine’s Day Cookie Dish! It’s almost like art!

    Be sure to come vote for yourself {and tell all your friends!} at
    If you win, all the host(s) will be sharing your project and loving you hard on Pinterest!

  2. Super super cute and I love how easy it is. I already have so many patterns and ideas brewing for this! Love, thanks!

    Sonnet @ Sohosonnet Creative Living

    1. Chrissy, I’ve not tried washing this particular cookie dish, but I did the exact same method, with high oven temps and the same cook time on some mugs and they were dishwasher safe. The only difference with these two projects was I used black sharpies on the mugs as opposed to colored sharpies on this dish.

  3. Amy! I love this! First I love the design. You and I both have a thing for these string art inspired shapes don’t we? And the colors! Ahhhh. Love it! Thanks for linking up at The Makers.

    1. Aw, thanks Bre… I was pretty bummed about the “autumn” colors during Valentine’s Day but so kind of you to say it was cute regardless! =)

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