Painted Valentine’s Day Vase

INSIDE : Check out this darling Painted Valentine’s Day Vase project. Create your heart shape using lentil beans and customize to any of your favorite colors! A great afternoon craft project for all ages.

Valentine's Day Painted Vase

This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of January 2016.

I love creating a few simple crafts and DIY projects to celebrate the season at hand, even if I don’t completely transform my house for each holiday.  Today, I am over at Live Laugh Rowe sharing this fun Painted Valentine’s Day Vase that I made.

Looking for more amazing Valentine’s Day projects?  You’ll love these fun ideas.

This little recycled glass vase project a simple way to add a little festive color to your home for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Painted Vase

And I’ve been so surprised at the longevity of these carnations!  

They have been blooming for a solid week now and they look to keep going for a while more.  

Painted Valentine Vase

I think this also would be so cool if you added baking soda to your acrylic paint and gave the vase a bit more texture. I love how that technique makes everyday glassware look like thrown ceramic pottery!

Let me know if you give it a try.

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