Valentine’s Day Fabric Tree

After creating a picture backdrop using gold tissue paper at New Year’s Eve, I’ve been wanting to recreate the same layered effect elsewhere in my home.  Using items that cost me a total of $2 I was able to craft this adorable Valentine’s Day Fabric Tree.
I sure hope you all are scouring the Target Dollar section, like I do.  I can not tell you how many great finds I score there!  On one of my recent stops, I found these $1 waffle kitchen towels.

I had already had this tree form and gave it a quick coat in white spray paint.

I cut the waffle towel into 1″ strips to cover the tree form.  Then, I made numerous slices into each strip.  I didn’t want the tree to have a crisp look, so after cutting the slices I roughed up the fabric by pulling and tugging at it.

Using a hot.glue gun I started wrapping the tree form with my towel strips.  Be sure to start at the bottom and work your way up on your form.

During New Year’s Eve, I had bought a package of silver paper letters from Target’s Dollar section and they came into play on this project.

I used a wooden skewer and painted it with my gold foil paint pen.  Then I hot.glued the letters onto the skewer.

I covered a styrofoam circle with fabric as the base for my LOVE and the tree.

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Are you adding any Valentine’s Day decor to your home?

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