Love You Oodles of Noodles, Valentine’s Day printable

INSIDE : Download a fun kid’s “Love You Oodles of Noodles” Valentine’s Day printable! And learn how to craft a colorful marbled noodle necklace to go along with it.

Marbled Noodle Necklaces

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This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of February 2015.

My daughter has her very first Valentine’s Day party at preschool and we both are so excited!  She keeps asking if she will get lots and lots of candy and I just kept dreaming about the fun crafting I am going to do with her to prepare for the party.  (I’ll be honest, I might be more excited than she is!)

Girl wearing noodle necklace

Today I am sharing this simple DIY craft you can do with your kiddos, along with a free Love You Oodles of Noodles, Valentine’s Day printable to go with it! Get it at the bottom of the post.

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Love You Oodles of Noodles Valentine's Day necklace

Valentine’s Day Marbled Noodle Necklace supplies

A box of noodles (Wheels, Ditalini, Mezzi Rigatoni, Penne)
Acrylic Paints in assorted colors (greens, blues + oranges, pinks)
Paint Brushes
Cotton Baker’s Twine

Marbled Noodle Necklace supplies

How to marble Noodles

Marbling noodles is so fun for kids and adults, alike. You can see more on how to marble on Marbling 101 post here and I even wrote a Marbling book available on Amazon!

First of all, be sure to cover your table with paper or a cloth, as this can be a messy activity… especially with littles helping out.

I wanted two different color schemes, so first I set out a paper plate of acrylic paints in pinks, reds and oranges.

Painted penne noodles

The simple way to marble noodles is to add little dabs of each color together and then gently roll your noodles in them.

Pink and orange paints

Don’t roll the noodles around too much, as this will start to mix the paint colors together. Just a few gentle rolls will give each noodle a marbled effect.

And I found they looked even better if a little of the raw noodle was showing in the end.

Pink and orange marbled penne pasta

Next I repeated the same steps in shades of blue and green paints.

blue paints

My son wanted to paint a few noodles all blue, so I let him go for it.

Green Marbled pasta

I love the marbled look of these little penne noodles!

Green Noodle Marbled penne pasta

After your noodles have fully dried, print out your “Love you Oodles of Noodles” tags (see bottom of the post for these) and cut the Cotton Baker’s Twine to necklace length.

Marbled noodle pasta necklace

String about 10 to 12 noodles on each necklace twine and add your tag, now you are all set for your Valentine’s Day party!

Green Noodle Marbled pasta necklace

These are a simple Valentine’s Day craft that you can have your children’s help with and they can be worn long after Valentine’s Day, too!  My kids have been wearing them every single day since we made them.

Valentine's Day pasta necklace

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Noodles Valentine's Day Printable  necklace
Noodles Valentine's Day Printable pasta necklace

Looking for more marbled crafts? I’m on that!


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      Thanks Sara! Always good to mix up a little non-sugar Vday options. =)

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      Thanks Pauline!!

  1. It’s craft time in my house, we are making your oodles of noodles necklaces. Kids are thrilled to be painting! Thanks for the great idea!

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      Ah, such fun!

  2. I love you Oodles of Noodles! This is so cute… as forever and always!

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