How to Marble Bookmarks with Paint

INSIDE : How to make easy DIY Marble Bookmarks using Acrylic Paint with three different colorful yarn embellishments! A perfect and fun craft  gift for your favorite book reader.

Three Marble Bookmarks

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I have had marbling crafts on. the. brain recently.  You probably didn’t know, but I just finished writing a book about… marbling!  So, although it hasn’t come out yet… behind the scenes I have been marbling projects like you couldn’t imagine!!  

During the book creating process, I discovered marbling with liquid starch and acrylic paint.  So, today I am excited to share how to DIY Marbled Bookmarks using Acrylic Paint.

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You might also be interested in the BOOK that I wrote all about Marbling projects!!

What supplies do you need to make Marbled Bookmarks?

Liquid Starch
Wooden Skewer 
Plastic disposable container
4 acrylic paints
Cardstock Paper 
4 Disposable plastic cups

Marbled Bookmark Supplies

Start by filling your disposable container with a few inches of liquid starch.  If you can’t find liquid starch, there is an easy recipe to make your own.  

I searched high and low for liquid starch and could only find one brand available at my local grocery store.  No other stores appeared to carry liquid starch… but the Sta-Flo brand worked wonderfully, so it seemed worth the effort of searching it out.

Ingredients for how to make a HOMEMADE LIQUID STARCH RECIPE:

1 Tbs. cornstarch
1/4 cup cold water
3 3/4 cup tap water
2-3 drops of fragrant essential oil or lemon juice (optional)

To make your HOMEMADE LIQUID STARCH recipe, follow these instructions:

-Bring 3 3/4 cup tap water to a rolling boil.
-While waiting for water to boil, mix the tablespoon of cornstarch into cold water. Stir constantly until cornstarch is completely dissolved.
-Once water boils, slowly stir in cornstarch mixture.
-If using essential oil or lemon juice, add to mixture and continue to stir for one minute.
-Remove from heat and let cool.
-After cooling add to a one quart spray bottle.
-Next, fill each of your plastic cups with a small amount of acrylic paint.

Marbled Bookmark cups of paint

How to make Marbled Bookmarks using Paint:

Add water to your acrylic paint and mix with the wooden skewer.  You should be looking for a slightly watered down “milky” look to your paint.  Too much water and you will lose the vibrant colors.

Marbled Bookmark green paint in cup

Using a paint brush or even just the skewer, drip the paint into your liquid starch mixture.

Marbled Bookmark step3

Using your wooden skewer, slightly run it through your paints to create a lovely marbled effect.  Too much stirring will muddy the paints, so just a few simple swirls will do.

Marbled Bookmark step4

Cut your cardstock down to bookmark sized pieces and slowly dip the fronts of your paper into the paint/starch mixture.  There is no need to completely dunk the paper, unless you are wanting to marble both sides of the paper.

Marbled Bookmark step5

Once you have dipped the fronts of your paper, set aside to dry on paper towels.  As the paper begins to dry, you can place under a few heavy books to keep a flattened shape.

Marbled Paper

Easy DIY Marbled Bookmarks, Delineate Your Dwelling

After my bookmarks were completely dried, I added a single hole punch to each piece of paper.  I went with three different types of embellishments to my bookmarks.

Easy DIY Marbled Bookmarks, Delineate Your Dwelling

I did a simple pom pom, a braid and lastly just a simple slip through knot.

Easy DIY Marbled Bookmarks, Delineate Your Dwelling

I love having multiple books that I am reading at once.  They are always scattered all around our house, so having multiple bookmarks is always essential for me!

Easy DIY Marbled Bookmarks

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DIY-Leather-Pom-Pom-Bookmarks, Top Reader Creative, Craft, Home Decor 2017 Posts, Delineate Your Dwelling

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