Storage Locker for Outdoor Toys

INSIDE : Check out how useful this Storage Locker for Outdoor Toys is to keeping dust and debris off of your children’s toys and staying organized in the meantime! Plus, see a bunch of other Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas.

Olive Green Locker

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Every spring and summer, I walk outside to our backyard and think… sheesh, the kid’s outdoor toys are a disaster. I had all their badmitton rackets and water guns and various basketballs, etc in small metal trashcans from IKEA. I loved how it all looked so tidy, but the kids would take the lids off and leaves, twigs and bugs would quickly overtaking everything.

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The Toy Disaster Storage Before

As you can see below, we desperately needed a new toy storage system.

Messy Outdoor Toys

Organizational toy supplies used

Outdoor Toy Storage Locker

When looking for Outdoor Toy Storage, I hunted high and low for a pretty looking storage system. There were numerous ones that looked nice, but they didn’t seem very outdoor friendly and since this was going outside that was a key component for us.

I finally found this beautiful soft olive green locker which I was just thrilled about. It also comes in a soft sage green and red.

It was very simple to put together, even by myself. And I spray painted the handles in my favorite Rustoleum Gold spray paint before adding them, the perfect touch.

Empty green locker

Toy Storage Outdoor Ideas

There are endless ways to store your children’s outdoor toys. Below are a few ways you could store toys outside…

  • Install a pegboard and hang various toys so they are easy to reach.
  • Plastic Outdoor bins are great for storing toys and keeping things dry.
  • Metal Pails with lids help store toys and keep things clean.
  • Using Rolling Storage is a good way to move your toys around the yard as needed.
  • Storage that doubles as a bench is perfect for small space yards.
  • Shelves under an outdoor deck
  • Metal locker to hold toys in metal baskets
Metal baskets with toys

Children’s Outdoor Toy Storage

I started by pulling out all of my children’s toys and sorting into similar categories. And it made things easier to see what was broken, missing parts or just worn badly – those items I was able to toss.

Once everything was sorted into categories, I placed them into the metal baskets. I didn’t want my baskets to scratch the bottom of the shelf, so I put felt pads on the bottom of each basket corner.

I sorted into the following categories :

  • Frisbees
  • Jump Ropes
  • Water Guns
  • Ball Toss type games
  • Miscellaneous balls and birdies
  • Tennis Rackets, Badminton Rackets and Baseball Bats
Organized Toys in Locker

I also created this modern botanic art piece and used these two plant prints for the images (one and two).

Plant Leaves art

This faux coral piece was another fun little find to our outdoor locker storage.

Faux White Coral

To finish off the look, I added a beautiful Bird of Palms plant!

Bird of Paradise and green locker

Storage Ideas for Outdoor Toys

We’ve had a few pretty intense wind storms early this summer and the top of my green locker was covered in dust and debris. I opened the doors expecting to see similar amounts of grime inside on the toys, but it was CLEAN AS A WHISTLE.

Organized Toys in baskets

This locker has a magnet on each door, so they stayed closed perfectly tight!

Olive Green Locker

I’m one happy mama!

Storage Locker for Outdoor Toys

Be sure to pin this project for your future outdoor storage organization needs!

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Storage Locker for Outdoor Toys

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