Kid’s Room Makeover : Toy Storage Tags

Today I am sharing the final piece to my kiddo’s shared bedroom makeover.  This was a long time coming project but the end result was so worth the wait and effort!

After their much needed cluttered space was calling out to me, I finally got around to doing a huge overhaul to their room.  I’ve since highlighted their organized and painted closet, created shadow boxes to hold their baby onesies and crafted a burlap dress up banner.
I knew we needed some organization to keep all their toys straight but I just didn’t want the typical plastic labels that you can buy along with these cloth storage boxes.  I wanted something helpful but pretty.
. Chipboard Cutouts
. Fabric scraps
. Chalkboard Paint
. Chalk
I love the look of layered things.  Layered paper (you should have seen my wedding invitations, I cut and layered 6 sheets of paper), layered tablecloths, layered fabric.  Just love it.
I first, picked about five or six fabrics and cut out different shapes in each of them as backgrounds to the chipboard.


Using a sponge brush, I then painted an organic rectangular shape onto each chipboard.


Two coats was plenty of coverage.


I then cut narrow strips of fabric to use as ribbons to hold the tags together and to secure to the toy storage boxes.


I love getting pictures of those chubby little baby hands.  I could eat them up.


Now, if I could actually keep the kiddo’s room looking this neat and organized all the time, then I would really have something to share!  What are your toy storage secrets?


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