Best Locker Toys and Accessories

INSIDE : Check out the best Locker Toys for the upcoming school year. Stay organized, have fun and look cool doing it!

Locker Toys and Accessories

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I have written a handful of blog posts about lockers. I got my first set of two lockers back in 2013! I used them in my dining room and they held various art supplies. I loved those IKEA Lockers and had such fun styling them in my home.

They quickly became disorganized and a catch-all for everything, so I wrote a blog post all about IKEA Locker Organization. If theres one thing I am, it is an organized person! I thrive best when everything has a place, it doesn’t have to be fancy to still function well.

And then fast forward to 2021, I am STILL using those same lockers!! I have painted them from blue to white and removed the number decals. They look so fresh in white against my Moody Office walls.

Whether you are looking for the new fun locker toys or interesting locker accessories, there are so many cool ways to stay organized and on trend when heading back to school!

And check out this fun Locker Styling kit!

Locker Accessories and Locker Toys

Having fun locker toys and accessories is a simple way to customize your personal space and add a little cool while your at it. Check out all the creative ways to add character to your or your kid’s locker this year!

I especially love all the cool locker chandeliers, so fun.

Locker Magnets

There are endless things to hang and keep in line of sight in your locker. The main one being your class schedule, I still have nightmares about going to the wrong class at the wrong time – ha.

Having fun locker magnets to keep all those important notes where you need to see them is essential. Take a look at some of my favorite magnets below.

Colorful Lockers

Lockers are so useful for easy storage in all rooms of your home. I love using lockers in my dining room to store extra table clothes, napkins, silverware and even candles. And more recently I bought a beautiful green locker to contain my kid’s backyard toys – game changer!

Check out some of these beautiful colorful lockers below.

Locker Shelf

I’ve never seen a locker in a school that is organized and being used to it’s full potential without a locker shelf. They are often tall and skinny and that works great for hanging your winter coat, but what about all your school books?

Installing a locker shelf is as simple as clicking the legs into place, so it’s very quick and easy. Check out some of my favorite locker shelves below.

Mini Lockers

And if you were like me as a kid, you wanted a locker so bad and your parents bought you a MINI LOCKER. Yes, thats right – I had a aqua mini locker with a lock and key. I would store all my favorite top secret items in there.

Check out a few of my favorites here.

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