Valentine’s Day String Garland

I’ll be sharing with you, a simple Valentine’s Day String Garland project that took no time to make but adds such whimsy to a room.

Today I am joining with 13 other talented bloggers who all contributed to this blog hop party.

You will find their projects at the end of this post with links.

I cut a handful of different strings, bakers twine and pom pom ribbons.

I mixed a “glue concoction” consisting of 70% mod podge, 20% regular glue and 10% fabric stiffener into a paper cup.  Then, I dipped each string into the mixture to fully coat. (note: this is a VERY messy step)

I laid out a sheet of wax paper and did the best I could to lay them out into a heart shape to dry.  A few hours into their drying process, I very gingerly flipped them over to dry evenly on the other side.

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The next morning, the strings were all fairly stiff and they held their shapes perfectly!
My little posse of string hearts.
Then, I hung them at various heights from our dining room chandelier.

A few I even wrapped and secured them right to the chandelier base.

Do you have a super simple Valentine’s Day craft turned love party decor?  Let me know, I’d love to see them!
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