Rental House : How to Personalize a Little Girl’s Bedroom

We moved a few months ago across the country while my husband pursues further education.  While only temporarily located here for a few years, we are renting an adorable little old house.  It’s my new mission to share how to personalize and make even a rental house feel like your home because it can be done!!  Today I am excited to share Rental House : How to Personalize a Little Girl’s Bedroom.

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,
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In our previous home, my babies (a girl and a boy) shared a room.  I loved having them together from the start and they enjoyed it too.  However, in our rental home, I decided to make it work best for us now and our two young preschool aged children, so they now have their own rooms.  I’m here today to say, rental homes can look fun, personalized and adorable and The Land of Nod along with some simple DIYs, helped me do it.

I shared this picture on Instagram as my color inspirations for the room and wow, is it a room full of color!

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,
Many rentals have less than exciting walls and often that can not be changed.  An easy to add interest to the walls is add color and texture.  I used sticky tack and put up a few ribbons and The Land of Nod’s adorable Half Dot Peach Garland.  This is one of my favorite details in the room!

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,
I love shopping my own home when updating rooms, too.  I pulled in my painted luggage to use as extra dressup clothes storage.

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,
Along with adding color on the walls, the bedding in a little girl’s room is a fun place to really add some drama.  I paired a fairly simple reversible blanket (my daughter was thrilled with the pink side and I was thrilled with it’s coral side!) with simple orange triangle sheets.  Then I added lots of colorful throw pillows, a yellow geo abstract rectangle pillo, a gorgeous rose ribbon sham, a whimsical ice cream cone and a fun DIY pom pom pillow I made. 

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,
Another great tip for personalizing a rental home is the wonder of spray paint!  I added bright cheerful pops of yellow into the space by simply spray painting things I already owned.  This fun floral hook got a coat of yellow and it accompanies the yarn wrapped letter I made my daughter at birth, along with one of my favorite Land of Nod items this Bow Mirror.

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom7
I set up all her dress up items near the bow mirror and hung it low at her sight level.  I often catch up dolled up singing to herself in the mirror, “Let it go!  Let it gooooo!” (Frozen movie reference for you non-parents out there.)

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,

The other side of her room is wall to wall, floor to ceiling wooden cabinetry with a built in desk.  ALL of my kid’s toys are stored in the lower half of these cabinets.

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,

What I wouldn’t give to paint these cabinets a clean white, but it’s a rental so the next best thing is update the hardware with these gold bow knobs!  I put one on either side of her desk area.


Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom7
Being four, means lots of dress up, singing Frozen and COLORING.  I think she gets the creative knack from her mama because this little lady can draw up a storm!  I hung this circle cork board right at her desk area to display ALL her artwork.  She feels like a grownup using the few pushpins I gave her and I love that we can show off pictures and artwork alike in a pretty way.

Another fun quick DIY I made for her room was the Yellow Ombre Basket.  It’s a great way to store all her art supplies in a fun way.

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,

I also took the paint brushes I had saved from a homemade Twister game DIY I made and hung them at her desk area using small command hooks.  No holes in the wood to worry about, but a great way to add color and inspiration to my little budding artist.

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,
This is a space she really loves spending time in.  It’s chalked full of color, inspiration and yet none of which is permanent or damaging at all to our rental house!

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom12

Other than the bow mirror (due to weight), everything in this room is secured with sticky tack, small push pins or command hooks.  Color, texture and a few simple DIYS took this rental blah space to happy and personalized for my little girl!

Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,
Rental House - Little Girl's Bedroom,

If you’d like to shop the amazing Land of Nod items in this room, I’ve included a material list below.

Thank you to Land of Nod for providing the product for my daughter’s bedroom.



30 thoughts on “Rental House : How to Personalize a Little Girl’s Bedroom

  1. Very joyful post. I just stumble upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. Thanks a lot for this beauty Enjoying article with me. I am appreciating it very much!

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! It’s hard to let some stuff go since it’s just a rental but fun to make happy spaces for our kids regardless!

  2. It’s adorable!! I love all the bows. I can see how you’d want to paint your wall of cabinets white. It would be stunning! I think you did a good job integrating them though and making her space feel happy instead of dark and full of wood. 🙂

    1. Of course the pom pom pillow is your fave! =) Aren’t those built ins awesome? I’m itching to give them some paint, but rental oh well. It was fun to pretty up my daughter’s room!!

  3. Amy, I love all of the details in this room! You did a great job turning a rental into a sweet, colorful, pretty space for your daughter and I LOVE all of the details! My favorites have to be the pink suitcase you painted that holds her dress up clothes, the paint brushes on the wall and the bow mirror and drawer pulls.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, friend! I couldn’t believe I still had the paint brushes from a year ago… pays to be a craft hoarder. And I agree, that gold bow mirror is my favorite LoN item!!

  4. Okay, so this is darling. Those garlands on the wall are the cutest touch! And now I want the bedding. I think I may just have to force Vita out of the crib and into a big-girl bed!!!!

    1. Thanks, Laurel! The bow mirror is really too much cuteness… I just bidding my time that she grows out of it and I can take it for my own!! =)

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