Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board

I’m back today with another Rental Friendly project for you.  What do you do when your landlord or apartment doesn’t allow for nail holes on the wall?  Do you honestly want to live in a home void of pictures and decorations that speak to your aesthetic?  Today I am sharing how to create this Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board.

Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board,

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supply list

*Solid Spruce Edge-Glued Panels from Lowes
(that link was the closest size I could find online for an example)
Washi Tape
Various Clips
*Velcro Command Strips

I went to a few different home improvement stores to do some shopping around for my main board.  Originally was going to do a peg board but for the size I wanted they boards became very heavy hang with command strips.  We are lucky and in this rental we can make nail holes but our walls are plaster, so we’ve already bent about 20 nails trying to put things up.  So, I’ve quickly gone to using Command Hooks and Strips for nearly everything.  Also, I would have had to buy all kinds of parts and piece to use on the peg board.  I love the idea, but it wasn’t the right one for this situation.

Finally, while walking the aisles of Lowes I found this Solid Spruce Edge-Glued Panel.  I was looking for a bit wider of a board but for the price, quality and close enough size, I was sold!  I wanted to literally buy a piece of wood and be done and this piece, exactly fit that bill.

I also selected a piece of wood that was tall enough that I could simply set it right on the ground and against the wall and still have enough room beyond the entry table.

Wood Memo Board
My next step was setting out all my supplies.  I pulled out gold thumbtacks, washi tape, clips, a door knob from Ikea and various items I thought might look good on my wood board.

I’m a big fan of sketching things out, so I took a quick picture with my phone, printed it out and did a few sketches until I found my perfect layout.

Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board steps
Since I already had my layout drawn out, it was easy to put the pieces together.  I added two strips of washi tape, gold and copper.  I also added a small strip of copper washi tape to an Ikea knob that I turned upside down and am using as an air plant holder.

Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board steps2
I bought the hexagon mirrors from Ikea and it doesn’t look like they carry them any longer.  However, I did find these similar looking *Mirror Wall Stickers.  I used the stickers that came in the Ikea packaging to hang these originally in our Modern Master Bedroom, but wow – they were REALLY sticky.  We ended up having to pry them off and patch/repaint.  None of those are great rental things, so this time around I used the *Command Velcro Strips.  It took me all of 5 minutes to get them up on the wall.

Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board side view

Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board details
Using this wood memo board, I can put holes and move things around all the time without worry of messing up our rental home’s walls.  But, I’ll be honest I really like the simple look so I may stick with that for a while!

Rental Friendly Wood Memo Board

Okay, honesty time.  Do you think I am completely crazy for setting a piece of wood against the wall in my house?  The hubs thought I had lost my mind at first, but now he actually likes it!

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    1. Well, we can put holes in the walls, BUT it’s plaster and unless I get out a sledge hammer it’s about impossible to get a nail through these walls! Ha. I liked this easy wood board better anyhow. =) Hope you’re doing well, mama.

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