DIY Ombre Basket

I have been busy working away on my little girl’s bedroom since we moved into our new rental house a few months ago.  You may have seen on Insta this picture of my inspiration colors.  Well, I am happy to report I am nearly done which I think is an all time speed record for me.  Today I am sharing the first of a handful of projects for my girl’s room.  Today, I am sharing her little art DIY Ombre Basket.

DIY Yellow Ombre Basket, Delineate Your Dwelling

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supply list

Yellow Spray Paint
Inexpensive Wooden Basket
Coral Yarn
Hot Glue

DIY Ombre Basket supplies

I wish every DIY I made could be this simple!  Take your basket outside and set on a painting cloth.  To create the ombre effect, I simply sprayed the bottom completely yellow and then did one or two LIGHT coats across all four sides.  The effect is simple, easy and quite lovely I think.

The handle of this basket was pretty rough to the touch and since it will be holding art supplies for my four year old, I wanted to protect her cute little fingers.  I ended up wrapping the handle with a cheerful coral yarn I had just bought for another project in her room.

I started out by hot gluing the end of the yarn to the inside of the basket handle.  Then, I slowly wrapped the yarn around and every 1″ or so applied a small dab of glue to keep everything in place.

DIY Ombre Basket steps
The end result was a perfectly safe and adorable coral basket handle!

DIY Ombre Basket
DIY Ombre Basket3
DIY Ombre Basket4
In our previous home, my little girl and boy shared a room so they are quite excited to finally have their own spaces, with their favorite colors and personalities shining through.

And… now I kind of want to keep this fun basket for myself!  Have you tried the ombre effect on any of your DIYs?

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23 thoughts on “DIY Ombre Basket

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I kept thinking I should keep it all yellow for the handle, but I really like how the pop of coral turned out!

    1. Thanks Sara! Fun colors for my daughter without being FULL ON STRAIGHT PINK, like she wanted – ha. 😉

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