Large Rugs at GREAT Deals under $700

INSIDE : Find some great Large Area Rug Deals under $700 for those big spaces in your home.  You will find excellent colors and simple modern rug patterns.

Area Rug Deals under $700

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Since our recent move, I have been on the lookout for reasonably priced larger sized rugs and it was starting to feel like an unattainable dream.  I searched all my typical spots and kept finding for the size I needed the ones I was loving were upper $2,000 range – #notgoingtohappen.  

So I started doing some serious digging and even a little crowd sourcing and ended up finding a TON of very affordable Large rugs at GREAT deals under $700!

Our living room is the largest room in our home and coupled with it having tall ceilings, I was looking for the biggest rug I could find (around a 9’x12′)… without costing me a fortune.

I finally stumbled upon a rug I loved from Urban Outfitter’s that was SUCH a good price… until I found the exact same rug for half the cost!  That’s when my eyes were opened to all kinds of large, yet reasonably priced rugs.  I have rounded up what feels like a million great rug options and they all are under $700 for an at least 8’x10′ size!!  

Large Area Rugs under $700:

I have broken the rugs into four main categories:
1. peach/corals
2. graphic black/white/grays
3. vintage/killim vibe
4. shades of blue

PEACH + CORAL Large Area Rug Deals :

GRAPHIC BLACK + WHITE + GRAYS Large Area Rug Deals :

VINTAGE + KILLIM Large Area Rug Deals:

SHADES OF BLUE Large Area Rug Deals:

Way to make it through all these wonderfully priced rugs!  Now part of finding inexpensive rugs is that sometimes the rugs are on the thinner side.  Have no fear because I found an amazingly priced rug pad on Amazon and have loved it.  I bought this one at a 9’x12′ size and not only has it given great cushion to our rug, but it was a few inches bigger on all sides so we could cut it down to perfectly fit out exact rug.  Love a good rug pad.

Happy rug shopping!

Large Rug Deals under $700

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  1. I love big rugs, be it for the living room, bedroom or home office. They just make every room super comfy and cozy!!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Agree! Sometimes they are hard to find the right one, but it makes all the difference when you do!

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