10 Amazing Clay Project Ideas

INSIDE : Over the course of the years I have made quite a few easy clay sculptures, clay crafts, pots and more!  Today, I am rounding up my top 10 Amazing Clay Project Ideas to inspire creativity on every level.

Amazing Clay Projects

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So, there are two main types of clay that I use: polymer clay and air dry clay.  I love both and have done quite a few projects using both kinds.  

Today I am going to talk about each and what my favorite projects from each are.

Polymer Clay –

Polymer Clay is a art material that is known for its versatility, pliability and simplicity to work with. It is man-made from plastic and is baked in an oven to harden.  

I love all the color variations of using polymer clay.  I love having hundreds of colors to choose from when I go to create a project with it.

Clay Bowl supplies

Air Dry Clay –

Air dry clay is a natural, white earth clay that is easy to manipulate and sculpt. The smooth material is finer and less sticky than traditional clay. It does not need to be heated to harden.

And I love the raw feeling of air dry clay when it has dried out completely.  It feels like real clay that I used to use in my ceramics classes way back in high school.  Air Dry clay can be painted but I often like the crisp white feel it has.

Clay Garland Supplies

Today I will be sharing my 10 Amazing Clay Project Ideas based on which type of clay I am referring to.  However, most clay projects could probably be created using either type!

Easy Polymer Clay Ideas:

Easy Polymer Clay Project Ideas

Easy Air Dry Clay Ideas:

Easy Air Dry Clay Project Ideas

What are some of your favorite clay projects?  Be sure to share them below in the comments.

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