How to Make Inexpensive CLAY KNOBS!

INSIDE : Learn how to craft Inexpensive Air Dry Clay KNOBS that look and feel like the real deal, except are a fraction of the cost.  

Simple Inexpensive Clay Knobs,

Does anyone remember that I’m currently updating our Master Bedroom?  I started the update…. a while ago and I’ve been making progress.  However, real life and young kiddos and colds and JURY DUTY dictate that things like entire room updates happen slowly.  I have no idea how all my blog friends can do these 6 week complete room transformations because mine always seem to take 6 months!  Anyhow, today I am really excited to be sharing another a DIY for the room, How to Make Inexpensive CLAY KNOBS!

As you may or may not remember, I have challenged myself to update the look of our master bedroom with as little cost as possible.  I have been swooning for these Anthropologie knobs forever… however, with two night stands, a tall dresser and a long horizontal dresser there was no way I could afford $10 a piece knobs.

Anthro Inspired

supply list

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Rust-Oleum Gold Spray Paint
A butter knife
Existing Knob Hardware
Air Dry Clay

Simple Clay Knob supplies

The first step is covering your existing knobs with the air dry clay.  I made a ball and then pushed the knob into the ball.  Then, I slowly added small amounts to the sides until I had a nice even clay ball.

Simple Clay Knob steps

Then, you let the beauty of air dry clay start… it just sits there and dries out.  I waited one day and it was dry enough to start carving.  There is no rhyme or reason to the shapes.  I simply went around and cut off all the rounded edges.  This gives you a nice geometric cut look (inspired by Anthro’s knobs but tweaked to my own taste).

Simple Clay Knob carving

After, I cut down the clay knobs I let them completely dry out.  This typically is another day.  I gave each knob two coats of my all time favorite spray paint, Rust-oleum’s Metallic Gold and was ready to install.

Clay Knob Dresser,


I ended up just making two, one for each of our night stands.  They are the perfect amount of gold loveliness against the dark wood.

Clay Knob

All in all, I would have been out $20 +tax had I gone the Anthropologie route.  My inexpensive DIY route was practically free.  I already owned the knobs, I used about $0.15 worth of clay (estimating – a 2.5 lbs tub is only $4.50) and already owned the spray paint!

Simple Clay Knob zoom,

Note: It was brought to my attention that these knobs may not withstand heavy use.  Mine however, are used fairly infrequently and are still intact.

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54 thoughts on “How to Make Inexpensive CLAY KNOBS!

  1. As a huge Anthropologie fan (but unfortunately, a poor one too), I saw this and knew I had to do it! They are so easy to make but look super great! I’ve gotten lots of “wow i can’t believe you made those yourself” remarks. One of mine did crumble while i was re-installing it to my dresser, so i just had to make another one. Otherwise, they have been holding up well and I love them! Thanks for the awesome DIY 🙂

    1. Yay, I’m so glad to hear they are working out for you!! One of mine crumbled, too. I’m just exceedingly gentle with mine now and they seem to be holding up okay!

  2. These are awesome! I have 18 ugly Ikea pulls that are begging for this makeover! Any updates or further advice on the crumbling issue? I’d like to make these for my bedroom dresser that gets used daily. Do you think adding a final coat of mod podge or something like that would keep the clay together better?

    1. Noelle: Thanks! I think this technique would probably be best for less used pulls. Mine are holding up but they are rarely used, I would worry about heavy daily use with air dry clay. Maybe you could buy store bought pulls for the daily use ones and then DIY the other ones?

    2. Why dont you use the craft clay that you bake. Its very tough snd could be wrapped around anything like metal or wood that wont melt. God bless.

  3. I made these, LOVED how they looked, but after less than 1 week they all started cracking and eventually fell apart 🙁 Not sure what the solution would be.

    maybe sculpey clay instead!

    1. First of all, yay for trying this. But, oh no, Danielle!! I’m so sorry to hear they ended up crumbling apart. I really don’t use mine all too much… so they seem to be okay still. Sculpey clay is a great idea. I’ll add in a note at the bottom about this. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. Oh thank you, Gilly! Such kind words and I just had to do SOMETHING because those Anthro knobs get me every time! =)

    1. I love the knobs, but every time I have worked with the air dry clay, whatever I make wants to crumble, I also let it dry completely so that’s not the problem. I used the same brand as you have. Don’t know what my problem is….

      1. Hm… Sandra, is the clay crumble when you first take it out of the container or does it crumble as it dries? I wonder if it’s not get enough moisture to start with? After I use some clay, I added a few drops of water to the container of clay before putting the lid back on. It’s helped extend the lifespan of my non-used clay.

        1. Thank you for answering my comment. The clay is moist and easy to work with. I made a toe for a Ceramic Bunny I had that I had broken, looked great, glued it on, next day crumpled off, tried using it with other things after it dried, falls off. Will keep trying, hopefully I will get the hang of it!

          1. Oh… do you mean that the glue doesn’t hold against the clay?? Maybe that is the problem? A different type of glue?

          2. Ah, that’s a great idea. I’ve not used epoxy much before. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Carmia! Be sure to tag me if you make them, I’d love to see how they turn out!!

  4. These are SOOOOO fun! I was no lie thinking of a fun way to update my standard boring knobs in my room and these might be it. I was looking at buying some and I would have to buy a ton too!

    1. Yay for making your own gold knobs!! Be sure to tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see how they turn out. =)

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