DIY Clay Garland

INSIDE : Learn how to create the most lovely DIY Clay Garland for your holiday and Christmas decor this year. Add color to the edges to customize for your home.

Simple DIY Clay Garland

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This post has been updated since it’s original December 2017 publish date.

This year I am going for lots of simple homemade holiday decor around my home.  I wanted to start off my homemade decor with one of my most favorite supplies air dry clay!  Today I am sharing my darling DIY Clay Garland which is currently on my tree.

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What supplies do I need to make DIY Clay Garland?

Clay Garland Supplies

How do I make a garland out of clay?

To make a garland out of clay, first off, roll out your air dry clay to create a smooth clean surface.  Make sure it’s thin, but not too thin to make it brittle.  

I really like this air dry clay as the white is very white (not the Crayola brand as shown above in my supply image).

Roll out clay

Using a straight edge ruler and a cutting tool, cut your clay out into square shapes.  Do your best to keep the edges straight and clean, but you can sand them down a bit once they are dry.

As the clay begins to dry a bit, use a paper straw to create holes to later string up your garland.  If your clay is still fairly wet, you’ll have a harder time making the holes.

Punched clay squares

Depending on how long you want the garland, keep making those squared clay shapes!

White Clay squares

Once my clay had dried 24 hours, I used a small piece of sandpaper to clean up the edges and remove any odd imperfections.

Add color to your clay garland

Then it was time to add some color.  I polled my readers on IG stories and everyone voted I paint the edges of my clay, so that’s what I did!

Clay Garland painting

I used a combination of peach, tangerine, cherry pink and a lovely plum / berry color.

Colorful clay squares
Clay Squares

Adding string to your clay garland

Once everything has dried, all that is left is stringing your garland!  I tied a small knot on each side of the clay so that they wouldn’t move around once I hung them up.

Clay Garland Squares

It took a bit of time because of all the knots, but I once I was all done, I was happy I had taken the time for that step.  

Crafty Garland

Now, my clay squares stay right in place and the garland looks so good!

DIY Simple Garland

I love that they are mostly white with just a subtle pop of color… so perfectly my style.

Christmas Garland

And extra bonus, I made so many clay squares that I was able to string them around my entire tree!

Clay Garland

Be sure to pin this fun DIY for next year!

Christmas Clay Garland

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  1. HOW ADORABLE IS THIS IDEA. You’re an air clay wizard!!

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