20 Air Dry Clay projects that will instantly wow you!

INSIDE : 20 unique and easy to make Air Dry Clay projects that will instantly wow you! From supply lists to the full tutorials, these projects are incredible and inspiring.

Air Dry Clay projects to Wow

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This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of February 2017.

A little over two years ago, I did a roundup post of some of my very favorite Air Dry Clay projects and wow – you all loved it.  The post has been pinned well over 50,000 times!

Since that was over two whole years ago, it only seemed fitting to do a part 2 with a new batch of my favorite air dry clay projects.  Today I am sharing 20 MORE Air Dry Clay projects that will instantly wow you!

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What is good about using Air Dry Clay?

There are many reasons to love Air Dry Clay.  Because it is so inexpensive, you can try and try and try again without huge worry about cost.  It is a very easy material to work with.  

Air Dry clay has numerous different uses and does not even require baking time to harden.  Beyond that, if you use a white clay, you can also paint it any color you would like!

Does Air Dry Clay fully harden?

Air drying clay crafts take about 24-72h to dry depending on how thick they are constructed.

If your project is very dense, it might take as long as a week to harden.

Can Air Dry Clay be used for plant pots?

In general, Air dry clay is not waterproof. But you can still make pots to hold plants. Wrap a thin piece of clay around a plastic container to create the shape of a plant pot. Allow for the clay to fully dry and then place your plant with it’s plastic pot in the clay shape. This will allow the clay to stay dry while the plastic planter will hold the moisture.

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20 Air Dry Clay Projects to WOW

Have you made any projects with Air Dry Clay?  Be sure to share because I still have a little bit left to use!!

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Air Dry Clay projects

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