Kid’s Room Makeover : Onesie Shadow Boxes

INSIDE : Learn how to make Onesie shadowboxes for your children’s bedrooms using their baby onesies!  I did a little girl and a little boy shadowbox for each of my kiddos.

Learn how to make shadowboxes for your children's bedrooms using their baby onesies!  I did a little girl and a little boy shadowbox for each of my kiddos. Delineate Your Dwelling #kidshadowbox #onesiecraft #onesieshadowbox

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I shared earlier that I recently did a big makeover for my kid’s shared bedroom.  First, I gave their closet a bit of lovin’ and then started working on making shadow boxes to hang on their wall.  Today I am sharing exact how I made my kid’s Shadow Boxes to hold their baby onesies.

What supplies do you need to make Shadowbox Onesies?

How to make Shadowbox for your Kid’s Onesies

I started by making personalized paper pennants for each of the kid’s shadow boxes by cutting out chipboard.  I love the look of layered paper, so I found cute scrapbook paper and cut them out just slightly larger than the pennants to peak from behind.

Onesie Shadow Box steps

I also gathered baker’s twine ribbons in blues, reds and pinks to use.  I had found them in the dollar section at Michaels!

My kiddo’s newborn onesies were too big for the size of shadow boxes I had bought, so I cut them off around the “tee shirt” size and add a simple cream lace trim to edge them.

Onesie Shadow Box steps 2

I used a faux wood pattern scrapbook paper for the back of the shadow box.  Then, I started layering all the different elements.

Onesie Shadow Box steps 3

My baby girl’s box looked so darling with a few more girly frills added to it.

And my little man’s box looked perfectly him with a bit of orange and blue added to it.

Onesie Shadow Box steps 4

The final touch was adding each child’s initial and then decorating with a few ribbons and bakers twine!

Onesie Shadow Box girl
Onesie Shadow Box boy

The onesie shadowboxes are completed and in their perfect place on the wall!  I love being able to remember how sweet and little they were with this fun craft project.


I’m ready to start putting together Shadow Boxes all over the house now.  What do you have in your shadow boxes?

I have done so many fun painted and patterned boxes over the years!  
Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Floral Painted Wooden Box | Cacti Embroidered Box | Marbled Box | Button Box
Geometric Thread Box | Memory Box | Onesie Shadow Box | Floral Painted Box


31 thoughts on “Kid’s Room Makeover : Onesie Shadow Boxes

  1. aww how cute is this amy…i’ve been wanting to do something like this and now my kids are already 3 & 5 but still nothing is happening! uggh! might try to do it soon now that i’ve seen this..

    hey thanks for sharing over at The DIY’ers! huggies♥

  2. These are too cute!! I have the same knob board, that the shoes are hanging on (lack of a better name lol). I’m gonna pin this one to our board. Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!


  3. I love these Amy! I have clothes from when my kids were little stored in boxes in their closets. I really should have done something like this to capture that moment when they are little. They are adorable!

  4. I lost my pup to cancer in October – so I used my shadow box to put his collar, name tags, two pictures of him and his favorite toy – it hangs in my office and each time I sit at my desk, I see his smiling face!

  5. I love these! And I love the display of your ribbon from Michaels, did you buy them in that package or do that yourself! I have to look for those, thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lynette! Part of the reason I fell in love with those ribbons was their adorable packaging, they came that way!

  6. These are really adorable. I saved some of my kids’ newborn onesies too. I don’t think I could bear to cut them, though. You’re very brave! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Polly. They were really easy to do and I love having their small newborn onesies displayed to always remember how tiny they were at birth!

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