DIY Monstera Leaf Shadowbox

INSIDE : Learn how to make a Monstera Leaf Shadowbox frame to hang on the wall in your home or help corral all your loose odds and ends.  Add polka dots and color for a bit of extra fun.

Monstera Leaf Plant Shadowbox

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Guess what I love?  I love Monstera + Tropical leaves!  I’ve used them in Spring Plant Parties and have 10 Ways you can jump onto the Banana Leaf trend.

Guess what else I love?  Shadowboxes!  I’ve made Handpainted Marble Shadowboxes, Office Supply Shadowboxes, Onesie Shadowbox and a Puzzle Shadowbox and…. so many more.

So naturally, I took a monstera leaf and crafted it into a sweet little shadowbox frame!

What supplies do you need to make a Monstera Leaf Shadowbox?

Silk Tropical Leaves
Hot Glue
Acrylic Paint + Brushes

How do I make a Monstera Leaf Shadowbox frame?

Be sure to watch my video below to see the full tutorial for how to craft your shadowbox with a polka dot tropical leaf.


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I just LOVED how this fun crafted shadowbox turned out.

Pink and Plum Plant Box

I love keep wood natural whenever possible, so I painted the exterior of the box with a soft peachy pink color and the very top of the box with a pretty plum acrylic paint.  I left the entire inside of the box it’s natural raw wood color.

Polka Dot Tropical Leaf Plant Box

And how fun are these pictures… I just placed my plant shadowbox right on top of a whole Monstera Leaf and it almost matches up perfectly – ha.

Monstera Leaf Shadowbox

Plant Box

I also thought using a silk fern leaf would be so elegant instead of the monstera leaf.  Maybe painting the box in shades of green, too.

Monstera Plant Box

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2 thoughts on “DIY Monstera Leaf Shadowbox

  1. I love this idea. My daughter is always wanting to decorate her room with fake plants and I never quite agree but this Monstera leaf shadowbox looks like a fun project we would both like. Pinning now!

    1. Ah, I love that! Yes, it’s a fun way to bring in fake plants, but in a pretty way. Share a picture if you end up making one. 😉

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