Embellished Leaf Garland

Originally shared as a guest post for Carrie This Home.

Today I have such a fun and simple project for you!  This would be ideal to do with your kiddos, too.  Head to your backyard and collect some lovely fall leaves.  If you’re not the nature collecting type, you can use faux leaves like I did (I’m a nature lover but my leaves were all still green when I made this).  Today I am sharing my Embellished Leaf Garland.

Embellished Leaf Garland, Delineate Your Dwelling

Faux Leaves
Washi Tape
Black Paint Pen

Leaf Garland supplies

The first step for this project is to “embellish” your leaves.  Using a black paint pen, I traced the veins of the leaves and then added additional lines until each leaf was completely covered.

Leaf Embellishment, Delineate Your Dwelling

Then, I pulled out all my fun fall colored washi tape and created mini flags to add to the garland.

washi tape garland, Delineate Your Dwelling

Next, I laid out my string, the leaves and the washi tape flags.  Using hot.glue I applied a small dot to the string and secured everything down.

Leaf Garland setup, Delineate Your Dwelling

The finished product was this bright and colorful Embellished Leaf Garland.

Leaf Garland, Delineate Your Dwelling

Embellished Leaf, Delineate Your Dwelling

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