Family and Kiddo Related Ideas:

I have two young kiddos and I love making things that can entertain them, will encourage their creativity or pushes them to try something new.  Whether it is a craft project we can all do together, learning a new skill together, a DIY costume or decor for their bedroom wall – it is fun to create with your children in mind!

These are some of my most popular kiddo projects:
Homemade Chalk Paint
Washi Tape Letter P
Scrapbook Paper Doll House
Scuba Diver Halloween Costume
DIY Twister Game
Printable Chore Chart

Check out some of my recent creative family and kiddo craft ideas right here.

1 trust in the lord
Cupid's Bow and Arrow craft
Kids Room Update,
1 Nursery Intro
Chalkboard Chevron Desk Update,
Ice Fish - Kid Play,

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