Family and Kid Related Ideas:

I have two young kiddos (a girl and a boy) and I love making things that can entertain them, will encourage their imaginative creativity or something that pushes them to try a new skill.  Whether it is a craft project we can all do together, learning a new craft or talent together, a fun DIY halloween costume or pretty decor for their bedroom wall – it is fun to create with your children in mind!

These are some of my most popular children related projects:
Homemade Chalk Paint
Washi Tape Letter P
Scrapbook Paper Doll House
Scuba Diver Halloween Costume
DIY Twister Game
Printable Chore Chart

Check out some of my more recent creative family and kid craft ideas right here.

3Camping themed bday party
Itsums Party Budget,
Love You Oodles of Noodles Vday Printable,
1-Sprinkle Cake
1-Birthday Party Hats
Sprinkle Party twister game
Planet Costumes
1-Memory Box
1a pencil case
1-Colorful Painted Geometric Blocks

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