The Ultimate Summer Water Floats list

INSIDE : The ultimate summer water float list!  These fun water toys and floats are such fun for lounging in the pool, bobbing on a lake or spending time beachside at the ocean.

Ultimate Summer Water Float roundup

My family just returned from a wonderful weekend family reunion / mini vacation at my Grandma Gloria’s Lake Cottage in Indiana.  You might have seen this gorgeous picture over on Instagram, from Saturday late afternoon.  The cottage was built by my great great great grandparents (actually I forget how many “greats” it goes back, but trust me – it’s at least 2 or 3) and it is a great place to unwind and relax.  Time spent on water is always calming to my heart.  

Since I was a young child, we would pack up the car and head to northern Indiana to visit Lake Wawasee every summer and most holidays.  There are some amazing childhood memories from summers spent there… and almost all of them involve a huge alligator water float, brightly colored inner tubes or pontoon boats.  

Well, this year I brought a few fun water toys for my kids and a…. pretzel water float!  The pretzel was the talk of the family and it was my favorite float of the weekend.  So today, I’m sharing the Ultimate Summer Water Floats list with you because they are just so dang fun!

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I still think the pretzel is my favorite, but the full pizza is huge and looks like it would fit a few people.  Although, how could I pass up a pink flamingo or a red gummy bear?  What are your favorite floats?

And if you get more than one of these, I would HIGHLY recommend looking into this lifesaver!

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Summer Water Floats list

  1. Went to the link for the electric air pump ( a must with these large inflatables) and saw a mom’s version of a float. Canopy float that almost looks like a large clam! Good for relaxing, being cooled by the water and preventing sunburn. Next years lake float for sure!

  2. Hi Amy! This list is rad! Saving it! I had major pool float envy last month when I saw a girl with the huge swan float in white! Coincididentally I blogged about swans and included the white swan in my last post 😉 Great round up!

    1. Ah, so good! I love that white swan. I’ve not seen any of these in real life, except for my pretzel. 😉

    1. I know, haha! Can you imagine being at a public pool with the world’s largest slice of pepperoni pizza – haha. And yes, it was so relaxing at the lake… just me, my pretzel float and the fam. 😉

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