Summer Coloring Page

INSIDE : Download your new Summer Favorites coloring printable page!  Grab your favorite crayons, makers or colored pencils and get ready for some summertime fun.

Summer Coloring Page

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This post has been updated since it’s original June 2016 publish date.

We have been having consistently warm sunny days, so even though it’s not technically summer yet… it sure feels like it!  Plus, my kiddos are out of (pre)school and I’m looking for fun summer activities to fill our time.  Introducing my Summer Coloring pages printable!

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Just yesterday I was feeling a little stressed and first thing I did was pull out all our colored pencils, all our crayons and markers.  

Everyone had a seat at the table and we colored for about half an hour.  It is amazing the calming effect that creativity and coloring specifically can bring to me and my children.

Ice Cream Summer Coloring Page

I drew out these fun summer favorite things and wanted to share them with you all!  If you notice, ice cream cones is on there twice… because delicious summer ICE CREAM CONES deserve to be represented at least twice – ha.

To download this Summer coloring printable follow the directions below AND THEN check out some other creative summer prints at the bottom of this post.

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10 of the Best Summer Coloring Pages

Check out some of the best coloring pages to entertain this summer!



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