Mason Jar Play-Dough

Oh play-doh, you have such a strong hold over my children but you are such a messy activity.  And why is it that the play-doh container is not only child proof but adult proof, as well?  Plus, by the time I’ve got the kiddos secured in their high chairs and have the play-doh out, they are both in shrill  hysterics.  Just give mama another five minutes to pry those lids off…. Today I am sharing Mason Jar Play-Dough!

Mason Jar Playdough,

I first saw this idea from the amazing and talented Lolly Jane blog.  Not only are these containers completely adorable, but also with the simplest twist and that crazy play-doh is accessible.  And all the mothers give a huge sigh of relief.

First, I set out all my play-doh and my farm animal figurines.  I grabbed a bag of the animals at my local Hobby Lobby for a few dollars.

Mason Jar Play-Dough

It looked like my animals were ready for an animal march!  Off to Play-doh land we go…
I had read that it was best to attach the figurines to the mason jar lids prior to painting.  I searched our garage high and low for some super glue but no such luck.  So, I took it to the next level and used Liquid Nails.  Those animals are never getting away.
{disclaimer: no animals were hurt during this DIY project}
Mason Jar Play-Dough lids
I selected eight different craft paints and started giving everything their first coat of paint.
Mason Jar Play-Dough painting
I gave the lids and animals (and my fingers) three coats of paint.
 Mason Jar Play-Dough hands
Look at all those colors.  It makes me happy just to look at them.  I lined up the play-doh to the colored lids/animals.
This mint green pig is my favorite.
Mason Jar Play-Dough pig
So many pretty colors…
Mason Jar Play-Dough color
I may regret this as soon as I say it, but… I can not wait to break out the play-doh tomorrow!


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