My kids are home for summer, what now?

INSIDE : The kids are home for the summer time, what kind of kid activities should we do now??! Check out these 50+ Fun Summer Boredom Buster Ideas to do with your children!

50+ Kid Summer Activities

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My kids are home for summer, but now what should we do?

It is the age old question.  Your kiddos are finally home for summer break and all you can think about is not having to wake up early for school, keep up with all the homework and after school activities!  It’s finally time to just sit back and enjoy your time together… until you hear the dreaded, “I’m bored”.  

Now I had every intention of getting my two kids in a few summer camps or programs, but I will be honest – it just didn’t happen.  I did squeeze them into our city swim lessons and I signed them up for our church’s vacation bible school.  But… otherwise, it’s me and them this summer – which is both wonderful and challenging.

Regardless of the age of your children, there are tons of fun summer ideas that are both fun and inexpensive.  I also have 35+ Screen Free Summer Activities to do with kids post and a Kid’s At Home School Schedule.

50+ Fun Summer Kid Boredom Buster Ideas :

8 Kid Indoor Activities –

-Attend your local library’s children story time.
-Make a fort out of blankets and watch movies on the iPad in it.
-Let your kiddos spend some time filling out a Summer Journal with all kinds of fun prompts to get them started.
-Get out books and have your kids set up a library.  Let them “check out” books and then sit and read them together!
-Make a silly movie on the iPad using iMovie or another fun kid friendly app.
-Create a Lego city.
-Make origami.
-Setup a puppet show.

Mason Jar Play-dough

12 Kid Outdoor Activities –

-Run through a backyard sprinkler.
-Setup a treasure hunt with a snack at the end as your treasure!
-Go camping (even if it’s in your own yard!).
-Go to a matinee movie and eat popcorn.
-Visit your local zoo.
-Visit your local botanic garden and draw your favorite plants.
-DIY the coolest large scaled Dominos and make up games with them!
-DIY scavenger hunt.
-Make and play HUGE outdoor pickup stick game.
-Grow a vegetable garden together.
– Make Summer fun Fish Ice in your backyard kiddie pool or water table.
-Spend time at the pool or local lake and bring the best summer floats available!

Ultimate Summer Water Float roundup

9 Kid Craft Activities –

-Get out a watercolor set and do portraits of each other.
-Make homemade play-dough and containers.
-Paint rocks and leave them around your town.
-Get out Perler Beads and get creative!
-Make homemade sidewalk chalk paint.
-Make scrapbook doll houses (girl and boys).
-Be inspired with 1,001 Boredom Busting creative ideas.
-Get your craft on and make organizing everything pretty!
-Make a fort with blankets and twinkle lights. 

Outdoor Pickup Stick game

9 Quiet Kid Activities –

-Enjoy some quiet coloring time with this cute summer page.
-Keep their brains working during FUN summer learning with Summer Brain Quest books!
-Have your kids draw a picture of their dream vacation.
-Learn to sew a simple drawstring bag or pillow.
-Do some fun coloring on this Cactus Printable page.
-Learn how to make a simple finger knit project!
-Create personalized pencil cases.
-Have your children write and illustrate a book.
-Make a bouquet of Felt Flowers.

Kiddo Personalized pencil case

8 Active Kid Activities –

-Go mini golfing.
-Find a fun Kid’s yoga class online and do it as a family!
-Go roller skating or roller blading.
-Put on your favorite tunes and have a dance party.
-Setup a water toy zone outside and plan to GET WET.
-Go to your local farmer’s market.
-Go to a local sporting event (baseball, soccer, etc) and cheer on your favorite team.
-Have your kids create an obstacle course and time them going through it.

DIY Outdoor Domino game

7 Food Related Kid Activities –

-Create a kid friendly Watermelon popsicle bar.
-Find a fun kid’s cookbook and kid safe knife set and try a new recipe together once a week!
-Have a lunch picnic in the backyard.
-Bake sugar cookies.
-Make homemade ice cream with a simple ice cream machine (we have this one).
-Make homemade popsicles (2 of my favorites are Layered Popsicles or Lime Cream Popsicles).
-Enjoy some Watermelon Lemonade, yum.

What fun plans do you have this summer to keep those kiddos entertained??!

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