Gold Foil Doily Art : Easy Art Work

Are you loving these monthly Easy Art posts as much as I am?!  Throughout the month, I find myself thinking about what fun art work I can make and share.  Each month I am so excited but this month might be one of my favorite pieces of art to date.  Today, I am sharing how to make this stunningly simple Gold Foil Doily Art.

Gold Foil Doily Art,

Supplies for the Gold Foil Doily Art : Easy Art Work

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Medium sized Doily
Sponge Brush
*Gold Leaf, 18 Sheet Pack
*Metal Leaf Adhesive
Sheet of paper

Gold Foil Doily Art supplies

First, lightly draw the a square with a pencil on your paper to denote the area you are working within.  Place your doily in one of the corners of that artwork area.

Next, get out your Metal Leaf Adhesive and apply a generous layer over the doily corner.  (I highlighted in peach the area I applied my adhesive.)  Note: Do not go over and over attempting to get a smooth coat.  It’s better to apply nice and thick and then immediately remove the doily.

Last, set your sheet of gold foil over the adhesive and allow to dry per the directions on your adhesive.

Gold Foil Doily Art steps

After the adhesive has adequately dried, I used a clean (and dry) sponge brush to wipe away the excess gold foil.

Gold Foil Doily Art2

The result is this lovely doily print.

Gold Foil Doily Art1,

I made two of these prints and framed them in white rectangular frames I had bought a few years ago from Target.

Gold Foil Doily Art,

Gold Foil Doily Art,

Gold Foil Doily Art,
I love the simplicity of these Gold Foil Doily Art!  Now my mind is burst with ideas of all the things I could use in a similar stamping gold foil process.  Do you see why this is my favorite Easy Art Work post to date?

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17 thoughts on “Gold Foil Doily Art : Easy Art Work

  1. Beautiful and creative, as always! I wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this post tonight at the Create & Share Link Party (7:00 PM MST)! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see what you share with us this week. 🙂

  2. Wow I really love this! It caught my eye right away since I’m a huge fan of everything gold! (pair it with white and I’m happy!) Pinning it for sure!

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