Pepper Painting Technique

INSIDE : Learn how to create modern texture art with a simple DIY Pepper Painting Technique. Completely transform any art into something modern and fun.

DIY Pepper Painting Technique

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I have long wanted to give my hand at making some fun textural art for my home. I made a Clay Ring Wall Hanging which brought tons of movement. And then I recently made a unique Yarn Art project, which brought color and texture. And lets not forget how fun trying out the Baking Soda paint trend is!

But, I’ve wanted to try texture on a flat canvas surface and when I needed a new piece of art to hang over my recently painted bookshelf… I grabbed a few supplies and just went for it! Check out how I made this fun DIY Pepper Painting Technique.

What do I need to make simple Pepper texture art?

Large Canvas
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush

How to make DIY textural artwork?

This is such a simple project. Be sure to watch the video for my step by step images on how I made my pepper art.

Start by painting your canvas with acrylic paint. I was painting over an older paint project. Next, sprinkle pepper onto your canvas. I continued to layer on paint and pepper in a very loose method. I wanted some of the paint to be covered up and some to shine through.

After the paint and pepper layer dried completely, I went back with my melon orange paint and added a few abstract circles to the painting.

Pepper texture art

I loved this quick afternoon project! I loved it’s messy organic feel. The little bits of blue popping out from the edges of my previous painting are just extra fun.

Creative Art Work

And how fun is this $7 thrifted bookcase? I recently gave it a coat of spray paint in this soft sage green color and it’s amazing how much it has been elevated. I love that about paint.

Spray Painted Bookcase

Textured Pepper Art

Adding pepper is such a simple way to add texture to not only artwork, but also to painted bottles, vases or any item you are looking to give a new life to.

Pepper Texture Art
DIY Artwork texture

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