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It’s Monday!  And Monday means my Guest Room + Office mini series continues on.  Today I am sharing this quick update for my Button Box.
Button Box update, Delineate Your Dwelling
I wish I knew the origin of this wooden box.  It’s just one of those random things that have been in your house for 8+ years and you just figure you inherited it when you got married.  I’m guessing it was the hub’s lovely wooden box and now I’ve taken it over to hold all the millions of buttons that just appear in our lives.

Button Box update, Delineate Your Dwelling
While updating my guest room + office space, I went through and made quick updates to many of the little items sitting on our bookcase.  I loved the wood grain and color of this box, but decided he needed a little face lift of white.
Using washi tape, I taped off a simple geometric pattern.
Button Box update, Delineate Your Dwelling
A few swipes of white spray paint and already it looked so much better.

Button Box update, Delineate Your Dwelling
Then came the best part, removing the tape.
Button Box update, Delineate Your Dwelling

What an easy transformation.

Button Box update, Delineate Your Dwelling
Button Box update, Delineate Your Dwelling
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15 thoughts on “Button Box update

  1. I have one that I got when I graduated from High school. Was doing a little searching on the web today about them, they are collectable and I seen prices ranging from $45-$60 for them. The store name in the lid makes them collectable advertising history. I wouldn’t change mine no matter what.

  2. I have one as well. The Lane company gave these out, just as Becky Holloway mentioned. Here is a bit of history on it: Lane began producing miniature cedar chests in 1925. Five years later, the firm’s sales manager converted these miniatures into a great promotional idea: the company invited young women about to graduate from high school to pick up a free miniature chest at their local furniture store. By 1984 more than 15 million prospective Lane customers had received these promotional gifts. [ http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/the-lane-co-inc-history/ ] According to their website in the Q&A section, the chests are no longer available. After my big sister got hers when she was a senior, I remember looking so forward to when it was my turn to go to the local furniture store sponsoring the give-away and pick up my very own tiny cedar chest with key (1973).

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