Pom Pom Birthday Cake Topper

There isn’t much in life better than birthday cake.  Well, maybe a few things are better, but not many!  We celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday party last weekend and from start to finish it was such a blast.  It was the perfect mix of creative DIY and store bought easy.  Today, I am sharing her adorable Pom Pom Birthday Cake and I can’t wait to show you how simple it was to create.

Adorable store bought Pom Pom Birthday Cake, Delineate Your Dwelling
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Wooden Skewers \ Assorted Pom Poms \ Hot Glue Gun \ Mini STORE BOUGHT Cake
5 Sparkler Candle \ Neon Striped Skinny Candles

Pom Pom Cake supplies

It’s almost silly to write a blog post about this Pom Pom cake topper since there is only one step… except that it turned out so adorable and was so simple that I felt compelled to share it with you all, regardless.

Lay out the pom poms you plan to use for your cake topper.  I stuck with the party colors in pinks, yellows and oranges.  I also recommend on varying the heights of the wooden skewers to add more interest.

Pom Pom Cake steps

Next, glue the pom poms onto the tops of the skewers.

Pom Pom Cake steps2
You will end up with delightful wands of colorful pom poms.

Pom Pom Cake steps3

Meri Meri sells some of my favorite party supply items and their Pastel Striped Candles were so perfect for the color scheme of the party.  They came in a box with pink, white, yellow and oranges.

Pom Pom Birthday Cake topper

My advice to all us busy mom’s out there, stop baking cakes and spending forever decorating them.  I have a few friends who have a true talent with baking and decorating cakes (that’s you Amanda + Michelle), but to the rest of us, make life easier on yourself and simply buy a store bought cake.  I bought two mini cakes from my local grocery store and they were delicious.  They were easy.  And they cost $6 a piece.

Pom Pom Birthday Cake topper
I found this awesome gold sparkler 5 candle a few months back and knew I had to put in on my daughter’s cake.  I’ll be honest the girl’s all shrieked in equal parts excitement and fear when the sparker was lit.  My son however, thought it was amazing.

Pom Pom Birthday Cake topper

Adorable store bought Pom Pom Birthday Cake Topper, Delineate Your Dwelling
Now who is hungry for birthday cake?!

Gorgeously modern cake stand by Minted.

If you’d like to see more Pom Pom party DIYs, check them out below!

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