DIY Glitter Gift Bags

INSIDE : Learn how to DIY Glitter Gift Bags for all your quick budget friendly present wrapping this Christmas season! Simple brown paper bags never looked so good.

Glitter Gift Wrap bag

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December is here and the holidays are in full swing!  It’s time to start baking holiday treats (Spritz cookies, yes please), hanging your stockings and working on gift ideas (so many gift guides) for family and friends.

I’ve always enjoyed wrapping presents and now that my children are getting a little bit older, they always want to lend a helping hand.  And at Christmas, I am more than happy to oblige that desire with so many presents to wrap.

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This year, I plan to have them help make the gift – wrap plus what kiddo isn’t overjoyed to play with glitter?!  

Today I am sharing how to create these simple modern Glitter Gift Wrap Bags.

Glitter Brown Paper gift bag

What supplies do I need to make DIY Glitter gift bags?

Looking to BUY a fun bag with a glitter vibe? Check these out!

How to add glitter to a paper bag

To add glitter to a paper bag, start by lightly drawing out a shape or letter in pencil.
(I drew my “A” in pink so you could see it more clearly.)

Pink polka dots bag

Next, get out your glitter stash and decide on which colors you will be using.

Since I will be using these bags during the holidays, I choose pink, green, fuchsia and red glitter for my bags.

Pink, green and red glitter

Next, using a paint brush, generously cover your design with Mod Podge.

This is where my kids had a blast!  Cover the mod podge with glitter. Be sure to do this in a place where you are prepared to have glitter everywhere.

Red glitter on a bag

No matter how hard you try to contain glitter, it has a way of spreading – ha.


Set your paper bags aside and let them dry as you work on other bag designs.

Once fully dried, you can shake the bags off (shake off glitter) and all that is left is your simple design with glitter on it.

Sparkling Glitter

Adding ribbons to paper bags

To add ribbon to a paper bag, start by folding down the top edge about two inches.

Grab a hole punch and make two holes in the folded down top. This is where you will be securing with yarn, string or ribbon.

Glitter Bag punch

Tie the ribbon in coordinating colors and enjoy filling your pretty bags!

Glitter wreath bow

I loved how colorful these turned out and yet they only are four different shades of the traditional red and green Christmas colors.

Glitter Gift Wrap Bags

I’m thinking these would be excellent gift bags to bring to friend’s houses with our baked cookies!

Striped Glitter Gift Bag

Make sure to grab your favorite colors of glitter and take an afternoon with your kids make glitter gift bags!

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